Who Is Jeremiah Crocker? #1

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In Summer 2020, I started lurking around in local cemeteries & rummaging through old documents in search of Jeremiah Crocker.  
Since then, this has grown into BOTH an investigation of Jeremiah Crocker's life AND an exploration of the history of slavery in New England.
I want to document (in comics) this creative process of asking questions, investigating clues, & testing theories.  

We'll start with a stone & a mystery: 


I heard an interview with Bryan Stevenson last month that really got me thinking about local history: 

Ezra Klein: "What is a healthy relationship for society to have with its own history?"
Bryan Stevenson: "Knowing the actual history. If you don’t know your history, you can’t really begin to understand what your obligations are, what your responsibilities are, what you should fear, what you should celebrate, what’s honorable and what’s not honorable."  
~ "Bryan Stevenson on how America can heal: A conversation about truth and reconciliation in the US." (VOX.com / 20 July 2020)  

 Stevenson goes on to describe the process of historical engagement: 

"I think it’s local. It’s intimate. It’s familial, it’s communal. It’s statewide. It’s nationwide. I think every entity, every institution has to commit to this process of truth-telling."

That makes sense to me...
Rather than investigate, say, faraway stories of injustice, maybe I should look a little closer to home.  Like in my own home town, here in New England.  And start with questions.  


I'm planning to make the page art of this project publicly available because it's all drawn from historical sources that are out there in the public domain... It's important to me that we be able to read the names & see the history.  



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