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Aug 15, 2020

Pinned as an index / quick access menu to all my mods.


All mods ok with / updated for latest patch (written: July 18,  2023)


- RPO Collection Early Acces version: NOTHING at the moment!

Looking for Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection?
  (formerly 'woohoo wellness')

  -------> keep scrolling a bit further down.

***** Independent MODS ******

- Sim Info Toolbox: view / modify / log Sim stuff (traits, sentiments, etc)
- Milestone Fixes: rotational fix, enable for inactive played, CC objects fix
- Milestones Cheats: Cheat-ADD / REMOVE milestones
- Milestones: Expanded: Additional Milestones, Moodlets & More
- Science Babies Tweak: In-Game Choice of Pregnancy or Instant Baby
- Life Notes / Personal Bios: Sim-by-Sim custom notes / bios
- Memory Panel v2: a Mod for Lifelong Memories
- LGBTQIA+ Mod: Gender & Orientation Overhaul
- Talents & Weaknesses
- Custom Moods for Some Game Moodlets
- First Impressions
- Mood Pack Mod
- Open Love Life
- No Strings Attached v1.1
- Road to Romance v1.1
- Psychic Sims! v1
- Rambunctious Religions v1.0
- Contextual Social Interactions v1 


YES those mods function independently and you can use just one + Core if you want, or any combo of them that you like, so long as you install the required Core!


-> Download ALL FILES of all mods of the RPO Collection at once HERE


-> Download ONLY CERTAIN MODS / FILES of the RPO Collection below:

- M0:   REQUIRED Core Library
- M1:   Pregnancy & Family Preferences / Reactions / Impact
- M2:   Fertility & Protection
- M3:   WooHoo Transmitted Diseases
- M4:   Paternity Testing & Drama
- M5:   Teen Pregnancy & Gameplay
- M6:   Temporary Separations / Relationship Breaks
- M7:   Cheating (Infidelity) Expansion & Overhaul
- M8:   Insemination & Surrogacy
- M9:   Adoption Expansion & Overhaul
- M10: Custody & Permanent Separations
- M11: Termination of Pregnancy
- M12: Pregnancy Side-Effects
- M13: Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss
- M14: Pregnancy Tweaks & Special Pregnancies
- M15: Romances & Friendships
- M16: Dating App: Meet&Mingle!
- M17: Charm & Chemistry: Attraction System
- M18: Expanded WooHoo: New WooHoo Options

STANDALONE VERSIONS of features included in my other mods:

- Ask / Tell Pronouns as a Standalone Mod (DO NOT USE if you use my LGBTQIA+ Mod, this is integrated in it already).


- Masterpost of Mini-Mods



See here:


Read my Terms of Use here.

Note: Outdated game versions and LEGACY EDITION of the game are NOT compatible. Mods work only foc PC and Mac, not for consoles.


Mods are free. My mods have always been free to access for everyone. They pre-release for Patrons, up to 3 weeks early, before making their public appearance but that's it (and this is allowed by EA). I have never and will never have any mod behind a permanent paywall.


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