League of Lust 0.1.8 PART 2 - RELEASE

 **Read the explanation of the event at the bottom of this post!**

Download here:


  • Spirit Blossom part 2
  • Ahri H scene (2 animations with sound)
  • Continuation of Spirit Blossom story
  • New Spirit Blossom Ahri form (Based off of white chroma)


  • Scenes loaded through gallery will properly resize now
  • Added a button for when the game freezes in a region (eg. if you load a region that you already reached the end of)

Explanation for Spirit Blossom:

For anyone who hasn't read yet, 0.1.8 will be released in 4 parts, each part will contain a new part of spirit blossom event along with at least 1 scene.

Why 4 parts? I want to release this event along side the real event in league of legends and in order to get it all ready I still need some more time, so in order to achieve that I decided to release each "part" of the story in separate update (They will all be released in August)

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