New Fingerstyle Guitar EP: MUDRAS

I've been a devoted student of the guitar since 1998. This new EP is a quick tour of five etudes, some dating all the way back to 2003, written to explore the possibilities of avant-fingerstyle techniques. This release was only recently made possible by my new Taylor 324ce's awesome built-in pickup system that allows me to record studio-quality guitar at home. Everything was recorded in one take; I left in the mistakes for seasoning.

On human time perception scales, watching these tunes might look like blurring fingers. Slow down enough, though, or stand slant-wise to time, and each piece is a complex 4D mudra, a sacred gesture activating its own nervous system circuitry and subtle energetic patterns.

Attached are all five tracks in both WAV and MP3 formats.  Thanks for being a patron!

This EP goes live on all streaming platforms next week. If you like what you hear I hope you'll pre-save this release on Spotify, or share the pre-save link with your friends.

That amazing (and unthinkably appropriate) album cover image is by the award-winning wildlife photographer Kathryn Cooper, who was kind enough to let me use her work for this and additional upcoming releases. Her entire catalog is solid gold and I highly recommend you check out her website. You might also dig this short piece I wrote about her work, time, and photography for The Long Now Foundation's blog.

Photo above by Kim Gordon at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, about four years ago today, the westernmost point of the European continent, where I serenaded my wife from across the ocean after playing one of the coolest sets of my entire life at Boom Festival. Here is my 360º photo album from that trip.

Dedicated to Robert & Donna Merrill.

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