WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul Mod part 1

 A small update will be coming soon, adding small features that I didn't have time to finish by the time first release was planned (such as mood swings, cravings and uncomfortable moments for pregnant sims, going to classes together, and improvements to the automatic pregnancy preference assignment system). Whatever else was missing from first release will be added in part 3, see details below.

EDIT September 3 - EA Patch Fix! Please Re-download!

- Rabbit Holes now functional again (patch broke them).

EDIT August 30th

Good news!
- Fixed a potential bug in which Sims told about an unwanted pregnancy would have their relationship points later reset with the person who told them and vice versa.
- Fixed Typos!
- Termination of Pregnancy (actually still wonky) fixed for all pregnancy wishes.  EDIT, Sept. 1: some people are still reporting it not working. If your Sim comes back with a baby bump, open the cheat console with ctrl+shift+c and type the following, then hit 'enter':  lumpinou.clear_pregnancy  
(After a termination, your Sim will not be able to get pregnant or do things banned from pregnant Sims until a loading has happened (changed lots, save and exit, etc).
- All computers now usable by Sims for the computer interactions.
- LittleMissSam updated her ultrasound mod and miscarriage mod to work with this one!!! Yay!!! Go grab the updated version and let me know how it goes!
- Slice of Life IS completely compatible. Our poor reviewers got confused, can't blame them! Nothing in common or clashing in these mods' functions. SoL periods aren't a fertility cycle and do not impact pregnancy chance.

************ Compatibility Status ************

Basically the Core file has the pregnancy wishes and preferences, pregnancy reactions, etc etc, without birth control or risk of pregnancy when WooHooing. Everything that says 'optional' is optional and can be deleted, but do not delete the core files.
Detail for compatibility:

- Have WW? Two options:
     - If your Sims use the "Sex" option from WW, then  preferably delete the "RiskAndProtection" folder. My birth control and risk system cannot work with this.
(Which means that if you did gab the full version of my mod, you'd have to change a setting in WW to have the two systems working side by side - WW stuff would use WW settings for pregnancy and protection, and WooHoo and Try for Baby stuff would use my mod's settings. If you do want both systems alongside each other, read next section just below this line. But if your Sims use the WW's "Have Sex" and not really the game's "WooHoo", then I recommend grabbing only the core part of my mod.)
     - If you have WW for other uses and your Sims rarely or never use the WW "Sex" option, then you can keep my full mod if you want, or you can keep only the core part if you use birth control from WW or another mod. If you want to use my birth control system alongside WW and your Sims only use the WooHoo and Try for Baby options, all you need to do is adjust a WW setting -  go to WW's "Pregnancy Settings" and scroll to the bottom; there, uncheck "Native Pregnancy override" and "Extra Pregnancy notifications" (the latter, optionally). Then, you will be able to use my system for birth control and WooHoo risk - and last but not least, the WTDs once they are out.

-  Use the birth control from another mod and don’t want to use my system?  Then delete the "RiskAndProtection" folder.

- Don't want birth control in your game?  
 Then delete the "RiskAndProtection" folder.

- Have MCCC’s optional WooHoo module? With version 7.4.0 of MC WooHoo, the mods are fully compatible!! You just have to set risky woohoo in Mc to 0.

- Use a mod for risky WooHoo that is not Mc WooHoo and would rather keep  it over this mod’s system?      Then delete the "RiskAndProtection" folder.

- Don’t want terminations of pregnancy?
Then delete the "TerminationOfPregnancy" file.
(The mod remains compatible in full with all the stuff that does not mess with pregnancy risk and birth control, which means, almost any mod out there. Slice of Life, Personality Please, Meaningful stories, etc etc, are compatible with my mod in full. Feel free to ask me any questions - contact me in a patreon message, in a comment, on my twitter or discord for fast replies)

Mods that are FULLY incompatible
- ArtUrlWWW's Mega Pregnancy Mod. It overrides a great number of game resources and unfortunately one of them I had to override as well, as pars of the game that can't be modded without sacrificing broad compatibility would have had to be changed otherwise, which would've been a much worse choice.
- EDIT: NOT INCOMPATIBLE - I have had reports of issues with LittleMissSam's Pregnancy Overhaul BUT she tested it herself and reports that it fully works together, with screenshots to prove it. So, count this one compatible.

The mod has 4 overrides (you know I passionately hate overrides, but this time I didn't have a choice as creating alternatives was not functional with the game's highest level of setting things up which can't be modded). Any other mod that modifies these files e, that modifies the tunings, not necessarily what you see in game) will conflict:
0000000000003607 pregnancy_startShowing
0000000000012FDE loot_Pregnancy_InLabor_Notification
0000000000002B4F TakePregnancyTest_Loot 000000000000709F_mixer_social_ShareBigNews_targeted_Friendly_alwaysOn_pregnancy
These are the only overrides that the mod will have, even by the time all its parts are out. 

*****  WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul Mod, Part 1 *****

***** General Reminder *****
 The mod comes out in several parts, here’s the deal:
- Pregnancy Wishes and Preferences
- WooHoo risk + Condoms and Birth Control (optional feature)
- Interactions and reactions matching pregnancy wish
- Termination of Pregnancy (optional feature)
See video about Part 1:
(First half) https://streamable.com/uy44h5
(Second Half) https://streamable.com/j4z6ip
- WooHoo Transmittable Diseases (Real and Fake)(optional feature)
- Everything related to that (interactions, effects, contagion, etc)
- Changes / additions to adoption system
- Out-of-marriage pregnancy interaction / reactions,
- Teen pregnancy interactions / reactions
- Edit: I will NOT make miscarriages because LittleMissSam is updating her mod so that it supports my two new pregnancy types. So you can use her mod instaad. It even has an optional feature for risk of death.
- System for a partner be convinced to keep or give up the baby by a Sim that wants / doesn't want a baby   (was supposed to be in pt1 but wasn't ready)
- System for a Sim that didn't want a baby to progressively accept it and make peace with it (was supposed to be in pt1 but wasn't ready)
In Future Updates: Grandparent wishes regarding getting grandchildren

*********** PART 1 OF THE MOD (THIS RELEASE) ************
See the detail of available features in this release on this post.  It is basically my previous Patreon post, but color coded. Everything green is out in this release, everything grey is what's to come in the other parts. It will tell you exactly what's what :)
A couple things I never mentioned before:
- I decided to leave 'Try for Baby'. The chance of pregnancy is higher on that (80%!!! that's the game's setting) than by just WooHooing (25%). So, it still has a function and makes sense, perhaps the couple are taking measures to ensure maximized fertility or something of the like.
- If you don't specify a pregnancy wish for a Sim, the default reaction and moodlets will be that of the game, ie happiness. Also, they will have fewer interactions available. So you're keeping the unmodded game experience kind of, in that case. You can auto-assign pregnancy preferences to Sims around by clicking on your Sim, going to "Actions" then to "WooHoo Wellness Mod". This lasts 10ish Sim days.
- There's a cheat to make a Sim infertile, it's in the same place where the cheats to pick NPC pregnancy preference and automatically assign preferences (in "Actions" then "WooHoo Wellness Mod".
- Now all Sim computers should work for the computer interactions.
- Teen pregnancy wishes are not yet supported at the moment!!!!



Notice any issues, have comments? Please contact me! Do report any issue you notice so that I can fix it quickly :)

Curious about my other mods such as 'Road to Romance' or 'No Strings Attached'? See mod index here :)


- If you use mods that enable teen pregnancies and have teen pregnancies turned on and want teens to get pregnant when not using protection, grab the top file. Pregnancy preferences for teens are not yet supported so don't assign them any.
- If you do NOT use mods that enable teen pregnancies, grab the second file, otherwise if they don't use protection your teens may get 'fake pregnant' with no belly showing and no baby, but other pregnancy effects happening.

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