Ponyvania Redux Announcement (Public)

Ponyvania Redux is an upcoming 18+ interactive adult-animation, featuring pony characters in a castlevania-parody theme. This cloptastic Unity animation project is being created by Mittsies & TobyArt in collaboration with StudioWhy. There will be a series of interactive adult scenes, with short story elements in between. It depends on how much funding we get and what our fans want: but the scenes may include everything from all kinds of penetration, facesitting, fetishes, shapeshifting vampires, and more!

Already a $5+ Tier Patron? Check out the LEWD concept art for upcoming scenes here!

Ponyvania Concepts & Commentary Pt. 1: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40927359

- Rough mock-up of what a dialogue exchange might look like.

The project will be completely free when it's finished, but you can join us on Patreon to be a part of the development process. You'll be able to vote on a variety of design choices, including which poses we'll use for the scenes. You'll be able to try out development builds of the project before it's finished. And of course, you'll be supporting the creation process of many more adult animations.  

By the way there's also an FAQ at the end of this post. Check it out.

- Uncensored concept art and detailed commentary available for $5+ Patrons here!

Financially support this project and join the development process by becoming a Patron!

TobyArt Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/tobyart/ 

Mittsies Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Mittsies/

  • $2 Tier = Voting and News
  • $5 Tier =  Access Development Builds, Concept Art, etc.
  • $20 Tier = Join us in an exclusive feedback channel on Discord where you will be able to discuss the project with the creators! Give us suggestions, and be the first to see new stuff. Behind-the-scenes! Name in the credits!

Help us make this crazy project happen! ♥

- 1476: Vampire pones convince you to join in on the revelry: colorized.

Ponyvania Redux FAQ

Q: Is this like a visual novel or an action game?

A: The primary focus is lewd animations. It's going to be a series of interactive 'mittsies-style' adult animations, with a little bit of story between each scene. There will be dialogue choices which influence which scenes you view. The text will be "short & sweet". We have no plans on adding an action sequences, mini-games, etc. - just adult animations.

Q: Redux? What happened to the first Ponyvania?

A: It was cancelled for various reasons, including accounts being frozen, and the difficulties of working in Flash. This new project will be totally from scratch, and created in Unity.

Q: Do you require a certain amount of funding to make this project?

A: We currently have no plans for stretch goals or monthly thresholds. We're going to do our best and hope fans will support our efforts. We just want to make cool stuff and not have to worry about the marketing aspect of the project. 

Q: When will this project be playable?

A: Later this year.

Q:  What characters will be in it? What poses? Will there be _______?

A: Many details about this project will depend on our Patrons' feedback. We cannot promise anything currently, since if it turns out people don't like a certain pose or idea we may scrap it and go with something else. This is a very "live" project.

Q: Will there be fetishes?

A: We want this project to be enjoyable by everyone, so our main focus is to ensure the base vanilla content is super hot and high quality. If we add fetish content, there will be plenty of warnings before accessing them, so that only people looking for them will find them.

Q: Where can I see the lewd concept art?

A: Here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/40927359 

Q: I'm a $20 Tier Patron. How do I give feedback and see behind the scenes stuff?

A: Join the Mittsies' Hangout Patreon Discord, and look for the "workshop" channel. That's the best place to talk about the project and get behind-the-scenes information. Whenever I wanna show off something and say "what do you think of this idea?" and get direct feedback, that's the first place I will go.

Q: I'm not a $20 Tier Patron, but I have ideas and suggestions. Where do I post them?

A: I will be creating surveys later on where you will have a chance to give written feedback, as well as vote on stuff. Generally speaking, whenever I make a survey, I set aside an entire day to read through all of the feedback. You may also leave a comment too, if you wish~

Thanks everyone!

- Mittsies

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