SIMMERLINK CAREER (centrelink / welfare)

15th of august 2021: updated for patch

there’s a typo in some of the pics, it’s fixed in the mod but i’m too lazy to take new screenshots 

there's other welfare mods out there but i wanted to make one to better reflect the reality of being on welfare; as someone who has been on and off it my whole life, I didn't find the other welfare mods out there accurate to me and my family's experience 

  • to apply for payments, you can apply for a job as normal, but there is also a new option under the "work" category of the phone to apply immediately. For toddlers, you have to click on them since they don't have phones
  • 2 hours before 12pm on Saturday for toddlers, children, teens, and elders, and Monday for young adults and adults; you will see the option to "receive payment", which automatically makes you take a vacation day (you start with 99 of them). You can also take a vacation day on the phone. The payment comes at 1pm. The third option is to go into the rabbithole at 12pm, I do not recommend this because they lose money for every minute late.
  • you can withdraw at anytime by clicking the interaction on your toddler or by quitting through the phone


  • $100 per child per week. toddlers-teens
  • if you use MCCC quit school option, your sims will have to choose between this or school. to get both at the same time, you'll need to disable quitting school


  • $400 per week for young adults and adults
  • full time career, meaning you won't be able to hold another job


  • $500 per week for elders only
  • part time, meaning you can hold another part time career but not full time

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post