2020 Luxembourg Art Prize Submission

On Monday, August 31, I submitted my entry for the 2020 Luxembourg Art Prize. My Patrons get early access. They will decide the finalists in less than 30 days. I will update this post after their decision has been made. The image in this post has multiple watermarks.

The details for my submission of this art piece that I created in 2020:


Spring's Lush Affair



Technique and materials used

Photography + graphic design for 30 x 20 giclée

Detailed description of the work

[Tell us the story of the work, the context in which it was created and any references you have drawn from history, literature, philosophy, poetry etc. You can also explain how this work in particular is representative of your artistic practice.]

My goal for this piece was to create something of beauty and light and a little ornate. I wanted to communicate that even though there have been worldwide events that can be quite dark and devastating, it is always important to see the light. There is a season to mourn. And there is a time to get back on your feet and create. This world was built upon imagination.

This piece started out as a photograph of a bouquet that  I saw in a shop. I then digitally painted it and maneuvered the colours in order to create an abstract, frilly and slightly whimsicle quality to it.

I then added poetry and other words in gold and fuchsia. When I was younger, I inherited a dusty vintage Oxford English dictionary, and I would go through it and jot down words and meanings. I want to bring back many words that were deemed archaic.

Pages are the petals of the amaranth bouquet 

but Spring's Lush Affair hath swept us away.

Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Amaranth as:

An imaginary flower that never fades, 

and is thus taken as a type of immortality; 

the name comes ultimately from Greek amarantos ‘unfading’.

The poem suggests the immortalization of words, and the beauty in this moment, right now. Allow yourself to be swept up by the beauty of new life, that is Spring.

'If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.' - Anne Bradstreet

My artistic practice varies with each media that I create in. I have recently painted a few abstracts in acrylic, and I am refining my abilities in that area.

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