TGOCP Ep 4: The Strange

Tom tries to run a campaign while Kyle shatters everything, Ari investigates a meaningless mystery, and the party as a whole kills any hope for a recurring villain.

Player and Character List
Ari - Frankmanning the Third
Hallie - Nancy Hardy
Kyle - The Great Vespari
Scott - Fyodor Konstantin
Tom -  GM

Primary Materials (Downloadable Version)

Session Recordings

Clip: Kyle fails an important roll 

Song: Nancy is not from Earth

Part 1: The Combat Trial 

Part 2: The Visage of the Betrayer

Part 3: Breaking and Entering 

Part 4: Chasing Tom Mallard 

Agents of the Strange Movie Poster (by Tara Kurtzhals)

Drugs!? (by Kyle)

Roll 20 Doodle 

Fyodor's Response to Danger

Frankmanning the Third (by candyfoxdraws) 

Nancy Hardy (by  Nemi - @Troll_Artistry)

Mr. Dustman (by Emily) 

Vespari's Planning Strategy 

The Tomb of Tom Mallard Lego Set

Mouth of Swords Lego Set 

Tom's GM Notes

Prologue: Graduation Day.

You met in a bar. Specifically, it was Murray’s, a pub just down the street from the Estate Campus which you all frequented during training. This was just after you received notice that you would be assigned to the same team and would be reporting for orders in the morning. For the past four weeks you have all been training with roughly a dozen other recruits to the Estate, an organization that dedicates itself to protecting Earth from The Strange. Today you will receive your first assignment and graduate to full agent status.   

Encounter 1: Wertz House

You pull up to cheerful yellow, two story house. The lawn is well kept and a little garden gnome grins at you mischievously as you approach the door. When you ring the doorbell you hear a young girl cry out “I’ll get it!” from inside. As it opens you see a dark haired, bespectacled girl roughly ten years old. 


Session 2

Assign loot from last session and introduce Scott’s character properly. Recap without letting them get too off task. 

It’s been several days since your first mission and everyone on campus has been buzzing about your success. However you are not yet full agents of the Estate. You have to pass the tests of two other senior officers before your graduation is complete. The day begins when you each receive call stating that Investigations Chief Lawrence Keaton wants to see you all in his office.

For the past several weeks of your training you’ve had sessions with each of the senior officers of the Estate, but not Keaton. Every time you’ve seen him he’s told you that he’d have your tasks for you soon. 

Cue Cat Blues as general Estate Campus theme. 

“The Lord of Megeddon has many names. To some, he is War. To others, Legion. To

most, he is the Betrayer. Among himselves, he is simply Jason.”

~a passage from Myth of the Maker 

Keaton explains the mission and I inform the players of general background surrounding Carter Morrison’s death, the creation of Ardeyn, and the betrayal of Jason Cole. Afterwards the party has time to prepare before entering the Gatehouse.  

Cue Water Wall for battle with homunculi. 

Cue Creepy for R639.

Cue Resident Evil 4: Infiltration for battle with thoniks. 

Session 3 - 4

Don’t forget to ask for the Power Rod with Hertzfeld.

[List of cyphers]

Not yet found: 

[List of cyphers]

As you touch the painting you get the impression of time slowing down. Simultaneously, the painting seems to gain more depth, as if it now exists in three dimensions. Before you can react it extends past you and is all around you. You don’t feel like you’re moving, instead it feels as though the spirals are unraveling towards you and continue to do so. When you are fully surrounded you realize you are floating over an indigo path cutting through a field of stars. At the end of the path is an enormous violet gem. As you get closer it takes up your field of view so that you can no longer turn your head and see your companions. Then you begin to see images in the gem. 

Frankmanning, you notice that each facet of the gem has the image of a different figure which you quickly realize are all you. Even though many of them don’t look like you and several aren’t even human you recognize something in them. Perhaps it’s the way they’re all desperately searching for answers, or maybe it’s their meticulous method to the search. Eventually one facet expands and fills the entire path ahead of you. It depicts a jackal-headed man traveling a narrow tunnel with only the dead as his companions. You reach out to touch it. 

Vespari, you notice that each facet of the gem holds the image of a different being, and of course, they are all you. Some have a human form but many more are machines or creatures never seen on Earth. A creature with reversed knees creeps through an alley. A computer stares out at a darkened room. A man practices card tricks that bring no joy. Not all of them have faces to cover, but all of them stare back at you with cold, inhuman eyes. In time, a lonely statue bearing the armor of a lost age fills your view. You reach out to touch it. 

Fyodor, when you look at the gem you see scenes of war and battle. One facet shows a tank commander urging his men through an inferno. Another depicts a pod hurtling toward a planet far below him. In a third, an archer crouches in front of an endless army of green monstrosities. As the gem draws closer and the archer becomes the only thing you can see it occurs to you that all of these people are you. You reach out to touch it. 

Nancy you see that every facet of the gem shows your face. The backgrounds, clothing, and hairstyles change but you never do. In each one you see your lips silently mouthing a thousand questions. Who… How… But what is… Then where… One standing a dusty tavern draws close to you and you reach out to touch it.  

Cyphers in Shalmarn: 

[List of cyphers]

Lyle- Estate agent. 

Jeff and Steve – SPD 

Session Unimportant – 

[List of cyphers]

Crow Hollow Session – 

[List of cyphers]

Mouth of Swords 

[List of cyphers]

Journey to the Center of the Earth – 

[List of cyphers]

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