20-Dollar Pick-up Gamer Reward Schedule
Some huge news for my pick-up gamers! If you are a patron supporting me at the twenty-dollar level, and selected the pick-up gamer reward, I have the current 2016 (and our 2015 make-up games we missed because of holidays) set up! 

For those interested, the basic idea is that once a month, I convince an industry friend of mine to GM a one-shot RPG session over Roll-20 or Skype of a game they either worked on, or one of their all-time favorites. Me and five supporters get to hang out, chat, and enjoy a 2-4 hour session of something new every month! Here is the upcoming schedule:


Nov 2015: Jason Marker runs The Thin Blue Line (Savage Worlds): Jason created the Thin Blue Line alongside longtime writing buddy John Dunn. We actually already ran this, and had a great time as Detroit Metro PD investigating a Mummy murderer at a museum. The fight ended with my character wearing some magically empowered conquistador armor, as we all unloaded shotguns into a reanimated mummy. Good times! Learn more about the game at ThinBlueLineRPG.com or on their facebook group at facebook.com/ThinBlueLineRPG  

Dec 2015:  Tim Cox runs End of the World (From FFG): Tim Cox was the lead writer on all the End of the World RPG books, which focus on your party playing as characters that represent their real-life selves, just to see how long you might survive in the apocalypse! Things got very busy around the holidays, so we had to postpone Tim's game, but the make-up game should be soon! Since we are playing online, our plan is, instead of playing ourselves, to take on the roles of a famous sitcom cast, Seinfeld! You can check out the End of the World line of RPGs at fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-end-of-the-world and follow him on Twitter @TimKCox

Jan 2016:  PK Sullivan runs Firefly (From Margaret Weiss): PK was one of the developers on the new Firefly Core Rulebook, and is another make-up game due to scheduling conflicts. You can check out PK's blog at pksullivan.com or follow him on Twitter @PK_Sullivan

Feb 25th 2016: Katrina Ostrander runs Sailor Moon (Homebrew): Using the Cold Steel Wardens rule set, RPG writer, developer, and gamemaster of note Katrina Ostrander is going to run a memorable Valentine's Day scenario of Sailor Moon for us in February! You can check out Katrina's other musings on the RPG industry on her blog at Triplecrit.com

March 2016:  John Dunn runs Accursed (Savage Worlds): Get ready for all manner of cursed creatures and undead as Fantasy Flight Games freelancer John Dunn runs Accursed, which he has worked on. To learn more, visit AccursedRPG.com

April 2016: Andrew Marlowe runs Cypher System: two-time top 16 finalist of the RPG superstar competition, Andrew Marlowe is now an RPG freelancer for Rogue Genius Games. He'll be running something for us in the Cypher System. You can find Andrew at Paizo at paizo.com/people/AndrewMarlowe, and you can find much of his work at drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?x=0&y=0&author=Andrew+Marlowe

May 2016:  Andy Hopp runs Low-Life: Rise of the Lowly: Andy has his own IP known as Mutha Oith, which is sort of a Fraggle Rock meets Ren and Stimpy. He'll be running the RPG he designed for the IP, Rise of the Lowly! To learn more about Andy Hopp and Mutha Oith, check out muthaoithcreations.com

June 2016: Drew Campbell runs Paranoia: A classic one-shot game, Paranoia focuses on intra-party conflict and exacerbates any trust issues you might already have. Drew Campbell is a long-time RPG freelancer, who notably worked on the Star Wars license for West End Games. Learn more about Drew's work at WhoTheFIsDrewCampbell.com

July  2016: Monica Marlowe runs Pathfinder: Monica Marlowe is the winner of the RPG Superstar competition (2015), and the author and designer of Down the Blighted Path for Paizo. She will likely run the opening session of the module. You can check out Monica's blog at http://gender-role-playing.blogspot.com or on Paizo at paizo.com/people/mamaursula

Aug 2016: Chris Witt runs Everyone is John: As host of the Order 66 Podcast, and co-founder of Gamer Nation Studios, Chris is going to bring us a game Gamer Nation is looking to put out in 2016 called Everyone is John, where all players represent a personality vying for control of John.  You can hear from GM Chris every other Sunday on the Order 66 Podcast at start.d20radio.com/home/the-order-66-podcast or join the Gamer Nation group on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/Gamernation

Sep 2016: Sterling Hershey runs The Last Parsec: Sterling Hershey has freelanced on tons of RPGs, including, perhaps most famously, Star Wars for WEG, WOTC, and FFG. He will be running The Last Parsec for us, a space adventure game designed by Shane Hensley that Sterling has contributed to. You can follow Sterling and learn more about his work at SterlingHershey.com

Oct 2016: Rachel Ventura runs something creepy: Rachel Ventura is the Business Director for Legendary Games, a major 3rd Party Pathfinder producer. She will be pulling something out of the Legendary Vault that is Halloween appropriate, full of creepy, ghoulish fun!  You can find out more about Legendary Games at MakeYourGameLegendary.com 

Nov 2016: OPEN: I have a handful of people in mind for the last open spot in 2016, but I haven't yet gotten any confirmations or commitments, and don't want to say anything is firm until it actually is.  I'll have more on this spot in the coming months. 

Dec 2016: Gary Astleford runs D&D 5th Ed Dungeon Scouts: Gary Astleford is a freelancer that has worked extensively for WOTC, FFG, and Green Ronin Publishing on a variety of products, including Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. Gary also runs a D&D merit badge program for the Girl Scouts, known as Dungeon Scouts. 

So there you have it! Want to get in on these one-of-a-kind games? Support my Patreon at the 20 Dollar level and select Pick-Up Gamer as your reward! We currently aim for a Thursday evening for most of our online sessions, though we can try to find a different night if that does not work for you.