Mod & Tutorial Index

This will be where all of my mods and tutorials are linked for fast browsing, as well as my TOU, the current monthly summary, and patch statuses. Once my website is up (it's like 90% finished but I keep forgetting to check in with my friend) you will have a better viewing experience there for everything.

I have also gone through and fixed the tags so everything now has a matching tag based on the below (so misc mods are now tagged as misc mods, etc.).


All Mods Tag 

Current Patch Status 

Current Monthly Summary 


💙 Functional Objects, Animations, & Conversions

Tag: objects/animations

💙 Misc (Custom)

Tag: misc mods (custom)

💙 Misc (Overrides/Fixes)

Tag: misc mods (overrides)


Tag: tutorial

💙 Modding

💙 CC

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