GamepadSupport v2.1 - Now also for KK Sunshine

Plugin for Koikatu and Koikatsu Sunshine main game that adds gamepad support to the entire game. It also adds support for navigating the UI with keyboard (Arrow keys and Enter). At the moment studio is not supported.

Only works with XInput-compatible gamepads (aka Xbox 360 controllers).

What's new?

v2.1 - Big thanks to ZMX for help with testing!

v2.0.2 - Fixed gamepad buttons only working with debug mono.dll if XInputInterface.dll doesn't exist in game root

v2.0.1 - Fixed crashing at startup in JP version of KK


  • Added smoother acceleration curves to moving camera and cursor with gamepad
  • Prevent Next button in roaming mode from being selected initially (it's no longer possible to skip the period by accident by mashing A)
  • Improved quality of the cursor texture and fixed cursor issues in resolutions other than 900p 
  • Fixed typing in text input boxes causing the cursor to appear
  • All dlls needed by this plugin are now contained to a single directory (no longer need to have XInputInterface.dll in game directory)
  • Ported to BepInEx 5

Check the full changelog 

How to install

  1. Make sure your game is updated and has latest versions of BepInEx v5.x and Modding API, installed.
  2. Download the latest release for your game below.
  3. Remove XInputInterface.dll, BepInEx\KK_GamepadSupport.dll and BepInEx\XInputDotNetPure.dll from your game directory if you used an old version of this plugin (older than v2.0).
  4. Extract contents of the downloaded archive directly into your game's directory. Overwrite old files if asked.
  5. Start the game. Once in main menu try pressing arrow keys on your keyboard and/or Dpad on your controller. A cursor should appear.

You can turn the plugin off in plugin settings if you don't need to use it all the time.

Read the included file for a list of gamepad controls (also available here).

View source code 

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