MJTS 123 | Louis for Thaison & Jonathan (Keepsake)

It's another THEME SONG THURSDAE!  Today we have a song for Thaison and Jonathan brought to you by Louis and the SUITE 203 SQUAD!  Check it check it check it, and lmk whatchu think! 

Your Name:


Person of interest:
Thaison & Jonathan

Occasion | Memento:

Briefly describe THEM:
We're planning to celebrate both my friend's birthdays this weekend digitally through discord. Probably playing some skribbl.io and Jack box games. Been friends with both of them since high school and lived in Suite 203 with them during college for a year.

I hope it's alright to request 1 song with two people in it. If not, no worries! Thank you in advance.

Favorite PHRASE (Something they often say):
Thaison's is "What the....!" and Jonathan's is just "What!"

WHAT you LOVE MOST about them:
Thaison has a super loud voice in general and it gets booming when he's really into something like winning a game. Jonathan is super passionate about Star Wars

WHAT separates THEM from others:
Jonathan has outstanding fashion and is of course the best looking in our group (group inside joke). Thaison wants to be able to dunk but unfortunately has bad knees.

a UNIQUE pet peeve THEY have:
Thaison likes to practice his violin alone, if he hears anyone, he'll put it away immediately. Jonathan

1 favorite PASTIME with THEM:
Going to DC with the Suite 203 squad during Trump's government shutdown. We did the memorial walk and Thaison had to go real bad but all the bathrooms were shut down because they were government regulated. Later on the trip we got slightly tipsy on a few long island ice teas.


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