New Tier Announced

I have more than 28 in-process projects on the back burner and I need to move these along.

 So, I figured I'd set up a serialization tier for novels of varying lengths.

As with all tiers, you can try it for awhile and see if it's for you, and then switch back to the Night Crawlers tier if you find you prefer only the short story.

What Undead Poet's Society offers first up is a narrative novel in verse I've been working on.

The Mermaid Cage is  about a town in New England on the coast and what happens when someone finds a mermaid. What could possibly go wrong? I know a novel-in-verse may give you pause but you'll love this if you like supernatural stories of New England, the sea, and of course, the horror side of things.

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Here's a snippet from an early chapter of The Mermaid Cage:

Sister Bottoms Tells All

It was never just about a mermaid

And what those stupid boys did,

Sister Bottoms says,

It was about my father

Callum Bottoms,

Though Calumny was his nickname

When he was a boy,

For a good reason,

And he was one of four 

Disturbing old men

Who built up 

Mersey Point

And ruined the prices for 

Lobstering folk

And the Portuguese families

And tried to keep the whole place 

A big white country club

No Jews, either,

But it was the times

Even though we all knew it was nasty,

And he was nasty,

And I hated him but I was stuck with him

(Don’t argue with me,

I was stuck,

These legs

What was I going to do?

Wheel my way to freedom?

How would I pay for it?

I was stuck, damn you,

In the quicksand

Of this ridiculous 

House by the sea,

Well, you can take your opinions

Of my life

And put it where 

The sun don’t shine)

My father and his business buddies

Brought all them

Rich New Yorkers up here

We were just a couple hours north of the city

Twenty minutes from the train

And eventually he got the train to lay tracks right to us,

But then it caught up with him

All this wheeling and dealing

Not like that, not like the law,

But a higher law,

It was the justice of whatever is out there,

Once upon a time.

When lightning hits your house

You must have done something

To draw that blazing streak

To your rooftop

Maybe you offended the Almighty

Or Jupiter

Or Buddha

Or hell, even Shiva

Or Quetzalcoatl

(She mispronounces this and other words

Because she only ever saw them

In books

And never heard them spoken out loud so it’s Kwet-zel-coat-el)

Or some such cosmic clockmaker

Of the world

Who gets easily offended,

And if you’re stupid enough

To be standing outside

Telling everyone how beautiful

Lightning is

And all of creation

And something about

The science of humidity

And heat

And storms

And clouds

That you remember

From long ago science class

Mingled with your

Religious upbringing

Which is both on your tongue

And down your gullet,

Then you will

Likely be struck

By that bolt from the heavens

Just as if Jove

Himself were aiming 

For your noggin.

This is what Sister Bottoms 

Says as she talks about

What happened in the village

Way back when,,,

Copyright 2020 Douglas Clegg

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