Catty & Batty Release!
Here's Catty & Batty, my first Unity project, and a project dedicated to my significant other!

I learned lots with this, and as I said previously, I've already begun working on my next game. Piano sounds and soundtrack are the last things I added, and it's all Auri Approved™.

Most interactions can be done with arrow keys, space bar and left-click on mouse. There are no input prompts, but I'm certain you guys figure things out; this is an adventure after all! (:

This is a Windows only build for now, but in theory I can export for Mac and Linux as well. I may give that a try if anybody wants a certain build.

If you notice any errors, please let me know! Again, this is my first Unity project, and I'm happy to learn.

For patrons who'd be in the credits for all my projects - I hope you understand I'm excluding this project as it's primarily made for my ladyfriend. There are no credits.

Update January 15th 2016, 23:36: Fixed timing issues and increased music/sound volume.