Hello everyone!

My next convention is Katsucon in February located in National Harbor, MD.  I'll be debuting 3 new costumes (none of which are started..shhhhh!)  I'm excited to show you what I'll be wearing but for right now I will just say that 2 of them are from the same series and will be shown off on the Masquerade stage.  As always, Last Minute cosplay will be strutting our stuff on stage and hopefully you will enjoy what we have tho show you.

I also am potentially going to be debuting a new kpop cosplay and (if they ever get back to us) hopefully will be hosting some panels for the first time at Katsucon! Not my first panels..but my first ones there! Fingers are crossed that we hear soon whether or not we will be hosting them.

I'm always thinking of fixing up Esther a little bit and wearing that for some pictures in the fancy Katsucon hotel.

Want to see what I'm working on? I might share more details to my patrons~  Thanks for stopping by my page!