ProfitUI CE: Large Group Window

Recently one of our Darq Side patrons asked me if it was possible to enlarge the Group window for a friend who uses ProfitUI CE.  It's working well, so I wanted to offer it to all players who use ProfitUI CE.  It works exactly like the normal-size window, except that some misaligned parts from the standard window have been corrected.  Click the image above to take a look.

Download it from the link below and drop the unzipped file into your ProfitUI_CE folder.  If you decide to keep it, remember to check the "Skip" checkbox next to the Group window on the updater.  To go back to the standard size, re-download it from the ProfitUI_CE utility.  To find out more about ProfitUI Community Edition, visit EQ2Interface.

ProfitUI CE Large Group WIndow 

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