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Panopticon-class Prisoner Transport Vessel

I started to experiment with some alternative fill patterns to replace the "Dyson-style" hatch pattern with something more suitable for spaceships and other technical structures. After a few tries I came up with this pattern. I made a small sample, and decided to make a bit larger map using the same pattern. This little experiment turned into a full map of a prisoner transport spaceship.   

Click here to download the map files 

"Kharon" CHSV-JAN2016C

Kharon is a Panopticon-class mid-range prisoner transport vessel. It is designed to transport up to 19 prisoners and 6 crew members for up to a month without resupplying the ships consumables.

The ship has a crew composition of six crew members: 

  • Two ship's ops (pilot and engineer/co-pilot) and four guards. 
  • The guards work in shifts, so that there are always at least two guards on shift. Typically at least two of the guards are also trained in ship ops (gunnery / sensors & comms / engineering). 
  • It is normal to complement the crew with two robot or synthetic assistants (repair technician / co-pilot) and a Type-C2 or better security robot. 

The security personnel is armed with light body armor and non-lethal ranged and melee weapons, but there are heavier weapons and armor stored in weapon lockers for riot suppression and lethal force.

The ship is also equipped with an automated medical tank that can be used to treat serious injuries or put the patient in cryostasis to wait for more extensive treatment.

Panopticon-class ships have been in service for a while already and some of them have gotten into the hands of bounty hunters and slavers. Even though the basic model of the ship is not especially well armed or outfitted for space battles, it is versatile enough to be modified into combat-capable ship. 

The Only Way Out... or In

If anyone would like to sneak into the ship, there is one possible way in. At the lower level there is a trash compactor which ejects the compressed waste cubes into space. A person might sneak in and/or hack the waste ejector air lock open to enter or escape the ship unseen. There is a service hatch and a maintenance tunnel leading to the prison level and the ship's mess from the trash compactor. 


This is the 3rd patron supported release of January 2016.