Novel Project Workbook

Hello! Hopefully the state of the world doesn't have you too down in the dumps.

I know I've been struggling with being creative lately. And to combat it, I've been working on some non-fiction projects. One of which is a project workbook for authors! So if you're a writer, and are looking for something to help keep you organized, check it out!

It's set up as a legal size (8.5" x 14") book fold, double sided. Most PDF readers should allow you to print with those settings, though you might need to adjust some things.

The workbook will take you through brainstorming, outlining, world building, and tracking your progress. Though it's laid out in a "step-by-step" style, you can totally jump around to whichever section you need to suit your pantsing lifestyle ;)

Keep track of your ideas and goals, and set yourself some deadlines (if that helps to keep you on track)!

If you're familiar with Phyllis A. Whitney's Notebook/Binder method, then the above might seem familiar (as it's loosely based on it). If you're not, no worries! She recommended a six-month timeline for a project (with approximately 2 months given to planning, writing, and revision) to be ready to send to your agent/publisher. That's obviously not going to work for everyone. Some write quicker, and some write slower. Totally okay. You do you!

The workbook also includes character and location profile blocks. I tried to keep them pretty short and sweet as big profile sheets and questionnaires can be overwhelming for some. There are also separate sections for world building (with prompts to help guide those who need it) and items that may or may not belong to a character, but are nevertheless important to the story.

Then there is the weekly overview section! This is the part of the workbook I personally find most beneficial. By breaking down the task of writing a novel, it becomes much less intimidating.

Again, there isn't a ton of stuff to be filled out here. The workbook is meant to be a support, not a time sink. So you have a bit to fill out at the start of the week (focus, goal), a bit to fill out each day (productivity), and a bit to help you reflect back. There are 35 weeks (if I counted right lol), which is around 8 months. Hopefully it's a nice compromise of not-printing-way-more-than-you-need and not-having-enough.

The workbook ends with a short (2-page) project review that you may or may not find useful.

All told, it's 75 pages long (remember, half-sheet size), and, other than the cover page, is B&W.  So if you do the book-fold print option, you should only be using 19 pieces of paper!

If you use it, feel free to leave me feedback :)


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