2021 Patron Perk Guide & FAQ [Updated 6/1/21]

Last Updated:6/1/21

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What am I paying for?/What do you do? I'm a writer for the sake of narrowing things down but I do a lot of other things like write poetry,draw,dabble in HTML5 and utilize different types of character creation. I did a brief stint of blogging that may or may not come back around but primarily I am working toward producing a creative book series on character design.

Where does my money go? All my Patreon pledges go toward primarily me having the funds for the things that keep me creating but obviously in a pinch may be put toward personal expenses. While the ultimate goal is working toward self-publishing my first book, that journey includes a lot of expenses like office supplies,software and maintaining things like my webhosting. 

Do you have other income besides Patreon? Right now the answer is sort of but not really. Because of my disability issues I'm not really able to work full-time and really can't even travel too far a distance to work without running myself down.I'm working toward establishing things like online stores and commissions to create some side income and I'm working to try to get disability but haven't had success with that yet as it's a time consuming and complicated process.

When will my pledges be due? I charge up front so you'll be charged immediately when you come on as a patron and around the first of each month after that.

Do I have to pick a tier or can I choose my own amount? Yes, you must pick a tier. Patreon switched from organizing tiers by monetary amounts to organizing by the tier levels in 2018,so if you aren't in a tier you will get hiccups in seeing content. The only content I post for just all patrons in general is the SketchDaily/Quickpose digest and everything else is sorted by tier.

Why am I getting charged a sales tax? Patreon now applies a sales tax to some patron pledges. It is based on where you live and not where I live so I can't really help you out with figuring out how they will be calculated and if they apply to you.

What tier would you recommend I consider? I would personally recommend the $3, $7 or $12 tiers. They have the best value and don't break the bank. The $25 and $40  tiers are more for if you want to do more with the characters or get more vectors. 

I want to support you but I can't afford it. How else can I help you? I get that life comes knocking sometimes and you have financial priorities. If a monthly pledge is too much I have Kofi. If you pledge then run into financial difficulties please know that while I deeply appreciate your support, I want you to live well. If you have to pull a pledge due to financial hardship, I completely respect that. If you want to come back on later that's fine and if you want to support me other ways like on Twitter or just telling a friend about my work, I really appreciate that too. Not all support requires a dollar sign.

What's kind of character requests are there and how does each one work? The non-patron character suggestions will get used for Twitter characters  but will not be available to the requester as a download. Patron character requests will be posted as patron-exclusive posts (if the requester allows it) and sent to the requester as a vector for non-commercial/personal use. I've also recently set up a form for Ko-fi character requests that allows for ko-fi donors to request 1-4 characters based on contribution amount. These requests will work similarly to Patron character requests. You can also now do fan-inspired requests which can be requested by anyone (with patron ones taking priority) and are requests that allow you to suggest a licensed character that I will use for inspiration for an OC.

Why is my character request taking longer than 7-14 days? While I try to get character requests done in 7-14 days of getting them, they may take longer sometimes. For instance, if I have to do postwork of some kind or have a larger volume than normal of requests, it may take longer than two weeks. It may also be a priority issue as I do requests in the priority order of patrons,patrons using ko-fi,ko-fi donors and then the lite requests and fan-inspired requests.

How can I check on the progress of my character request? If you're a patron you can message me on the Discord server or directly here on Patreon. If you're a Ko-fi supporter or non-patron you can use the contact form on my main website or DM me on Twitter via @themeinav.

Can I use the characters in the digests in my projects? At this time, the answer to that is no. The characters in the digests are for viewing only so they shouldn't be saved,printed,redistributed etc. I am in the process of creating character vectors for sale from almost every single character I'm making on here so eventually they will be available for use in projects (at a much higher quality). Any characters I'm not deeming as going toward the vector collections are being put aside and will be available as downloads in perks  for non-commercial/personal use. Also, if the milestone of downloads on special collections gets met, I will not be able to offer select collections for download due to them being based on licensed properties.

Some of the characters look similar to past ones. Are you cutting corners? No,I'm just being human. I've generated hundreds of characters using ePic so sometimes I'll make the natural mistake of creating some that look similar to past ones. It's impossible for me to recall every character I've ever made photographically in my head and I'm working from a limited pool of items so every once in a while I might accidentally make one that looks close to a past character. I try my best not to do that but I can't make any promises.

What is the difference between the book previews and content previews ? The book previews will contain any content meant to eventually be published in a book. This can be anything from the case studies or tutorials to a regular book chapter and any graphics meant for the books. The content previews are content from other projects  and endeavors like my store designs,app assets etc. 

I can't see the forms/content on Patron Hub pages. What's going on? First, make sure that you have completed the "Unlock with Patreon" step. When you initially access the patron locked pages you will need to log in with your Patreon credentials to access them. If you are still not seeing content it is most likely a browser issue. One of the most common causes of display issues on websites is a browser problem. Make sure you are using an up-to-date browser and try clearing your cookies. Make sure you close all your internet windows and then reopen them and try to access the forms again. If you are still experiencing display issues after that please reach out to me via direct message here on Patreon and I'll be happy to troubleshoot with you until we get the issue resolved.

What browser should I use to view the Patron Hub? I personally use Chrome and it works. I don't know how the pages function in other browsers like IE,Edge or Opera. I have also used Mozilla in the past and had no problems. I would say Chrome or Mozilla are your best bets, but if they aren't your cup of tea, try clearing the cookies and making sure whatever browser you're using is up-to date for best results.

What happens to the responses I put in on the book surveys? Book survey responses go toward how I consider the development of my book projects. It lets me know what the people most interested in my work want to see in my books when they get released. The idea behind the surveys is that people supporting me while I work toward self-publishing can feel a sense of being sort of spiritual co-authors for the books.

When will you be publishing your first book? Currently, I don't have an answer for that. The biggest thing I'm missing is funds and since I'm self-publishing, that burden is all on me to fill. That's why my current work is going almost completely toward setting up passive income like storefronts and assets but also toward building up active solutions like Patreon support. Ideally I want to have a book published by early  to mid 2023.

How often will book content previews come out? Again, I don't have a definite answer here.  I am currently taking the approach of doing content in chunks and I've just recently worked out a new Table of Contents for  my book series. I am going to be taking the approach of doing text first with image placeholders and then doing the graphics. Ideally I want to have some book-related content coming out every 1-2 months  but it's not a process I can guarantee.

How often will art,poetry and articles be posted? These types of content,while they are included in my list of perks, are ones I will probably only do occasionally. While I do enjoy art, I also really enjoy exploring other tools for character design and find them less strenuous on my joints. Drawing is really more recreational than a career goal for me. Articles will also be something that, while I want to start doing them again, they aren't essential right now. I included perks related to these content types so that when I do post them people will have an idea of what access they can expect to have to them. Poetry will be a bit more sporadic as I don't write it as often as I used to or always have time to do desktop publishing projects.

How do I redeem my special offer vector pack(s)? Providing that you've met the criteria to receive the pack, I will message you on Patreon to find out what pack or packs that you'd like and email them to you. Please note that you must have at least one successful payment and be in a tier $7+ for 30 days or until the next payment period to qualify for the vector pack offer. This is a precaution to prevent people from just dropping in downloading the vectors and cancelling the pledge which is essentially theft in my eyes and not something I feel like dealing with. Only those in tiers $25+ will qualify for the extra vector pack.

What can I do with the special offer vector pack(s)? The license issued with the vector packs is a single-user non-commercial and multi-project license. This means that you are the only person authorized to download and use the product and that it can only be used for non-commercial or personal projects only. The packs can't given as gifts,or redistributed as a standalone product. The can be altered or edited by the license holder. The license is not transferable and the vector packs are ineligible for resale.

How often do you release new special offer vector pack(s)? The vector packs will rotate roughly every 2 months and add a new 12 character collection to the catalog of available collections. 

How long do I have to get the special offer vector pack(s)? The packs are cumulative so they will not expire. When you qualify for the special offer,regardless of whether it's from a tier switch or new patron status, you will be able to choose any of the collections from the full catalog as your downloaded pack.

What determines the theme for  the special offer vector pack(s)? The packs are determined by patron and non-patron votes gathered via polls. Any active polls I have going for collections can be found under the "Polls & Surveys" tag. 

Can I exchange my special offer pack for a different one after receiving it? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once the pack is in your hands I can't do an exchange. I try to provide as detailed a preview as possible on the collection ads so you have some idea of what you're getting for this reason so please make sure the pack you pick is definitely the one you want.

Do you update the special offer packs and if so will I get them for free? If I ever make changes,additions or reprocess a vector pack any person who previously downloaded will get the updated pack at no charge.

What if I qualify for a download but have all the available  special offer vector pack(s)? If you run into a point where you have all the current available packs and qualify for another one (or two for my $25+ patrons) then you'll get a voucher for a pack or packs to be used when new packs are added. Pack vouchers will not expire but are not transferable.

How do I get my commercial use license as a $40 patron? Commercial licenses will be sent via e-mail to patrons that qualify for them. They will typically be specific to a certain collection or file and are not a blanket commercial license.

Current Tiers

My lowest tiers are $3 & $7
My middle range tier is $12
My higher range tiers are $25 & $40 

About the Perks

Books take a long time to produce so my perks are set up in a way that when I produce chapters and book content people can see those parts of my creative journey, but also get other rewards when I don't have book content. There's no way for me as a writer to guarantee a book chapter every month, because that's just not how books go for most writers. They are a long,arduous and hair-pulling adventure that take time and rarely come out on a schedule.

That's why part of my perks focus on people having access to the process for my upcoming books and part of them are lighter fun perks that revolve around my love for character design in general or increase communication between me and the people who want to support my work.

Non-Patron Perks

 As a non-patron who keeps an eye on my work you still get...

  • Access to read any news or updates I post about my projects
  • Access to the monthly newsletter which contains 6 sampler characters and a Q& A when 3-5 questions have been submitted by patrons
  • 8 character Fanpro Friday Digest every third week or when possible (on hiatus)
  • Occasional light access to art/writing content I post
  • Light access to suggest characters

2021 Sampler Digests: 3/19,6/18,9/17 & 12/17 

Patron Avatars

The patron avatars are a perk that I added mainly so I would have a fun and simple way to represent my patrons when I produced content and wanted to thank them, but they do also give you a fun avatar to use on other platforms too. The $7 tier has a static one and the tiers $12+ allow you to request changes on the avatar at any time through my main website. Please note that the $3 tier does not include an avatar.


The Discord server at the moment is more so patrons can reach out to me easier. I think as more patrons come in I'd love for it to be a nice creative community but that will take some time.

  • The $3 and $7 tiers will be put in the Basic Patron role which allows for embedding links,attaching files and gives you access to the general chat,generator room and art room text channels,the ability to change your nickname and  gives you access to the character chats and critique room text channels
  • All tiers $12+  will be put in the VIP Patron role which adds the ability to use external emojis as well as access to the VIP Channels which will be added in the future such as a VIP Room that will be utilized if I start streaming and possibly a consultation room where you can schedule personal 1:1 chats with me for character design advice sessions

Patron Hub

The Hub menu of my site is meant to provide extra content and interactions for patrons. It currently has... 

  • The Q & A Submissions form allows patrons to submit a question for the monthly Q & A 
  • The Request an Avatar form is to request/change your patron avatar. Please note that if you are in the $3 tier the avatar request form will not apply for you.
  • The Character Designer's Series Feedback Surveys are for patrons who want to be part of my books coming to life. You can currently vote on book cover designs or suggest a chapter idea.
  • The HTML5 Demos are where I'll put any patron-exclusive or archived app demos.

Please Note: Character requests are now in their own menu instead of the Hub one

The pages under the Patron Hub menu are locked via Patreon for Wordpress so the first time you go to use them you will need to click on the "Unlock with Patreon" button and use your Patreon credentials. If you are still experiencing issues like not seeing a form on the page then send me a direct message here on Patreon so I can check on your user registration on the site and make sure it's under the correct role.

The goal is to eventually add other things to the Hub menu in the future. I am currently working toward a more expanded character request form and there will of course be more forms for book feedback added in the future as well. I'm also looking to add more interactive features and a special price list for commissions when I make those available.

Character Digests

The digests are probably my most varied perk right now. They are collections of generated characters that I create with ePic character generator.I am currently running the following digests...

  • The Fanpro Friday Digest posts every third week when possible for non-patrons & patrons. If I happen to be too busy to produce it I will postpone it. It contains 8 characters inspired by the Fanpro project. 
  • The Character Inspiration Digest posts at the end of each month for all patron tiers. It contains 5-20+ characters inspired by the character inspirations I share on Twitter throughout the month. This digest is made available to non-patrons in December as part of my Christmas promotions.
  • I also post 6 sampler characters in every monthly newsletter for non-patrons & patrons
  • The Manga Creator Event posts every March. In 2022 it will only feature School Days,World of Fantasy and Vampire Hunter but I will be allowing people to vote on the options I use for it.
  • The Flash Jam posts midyear in July with 25 characters  and at the end of the year in December with 50. The flash jams feature characters made with flash and some HTML5 dress up games from sites like Azalea's Dolls and Doll Divine.
  • The Sampler Digest posts four times a year with each sampler featuring 12 characters.


Art & Writing

I don't always post art because it's secondary to my writing. When I do post art,the basic stuff like sketches or sketch dumps will generally be available to everyone, $3 & $7 tiers will have access to the final version and any patrons $12+ will also get a glimpse into the process stages of the artwork. 

For my writing, any patron $12+ will be able to access chapters and content I make while I produce books . Book content will generally range from things like the case studies to actual chapters and occasionally book visuals as well. When and if I write any articles not related to the book, all patrons will get 30 day early access to it.

Misc. Perks

  • Content previews of store design,unveiled projects and other various projects I have in the pipeline are available to all tiers $12+ when I have content of that type to release.
  • All tiers $25+ will get a monthly download of 5 vector characters for non-commercial/personal use. This perk will increase when certain financial goals are met.

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