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Today I have something that even I think is a bit boring ... but necessary. In fact it's been one of the most requested responses from my readers. So I finally got around to it. The article is On the Bayesian Reversal of the Fine Tuning Argument by Sobel, Ikeda, & Jefferys (against Barnes & Lowder).

This addresses a cosmologist's confused attempt to "rebut" me, though in fact to rebut the arguments of several mathematicians (including an astrophysicist) that the fine-tuning argument is actually effectively self-refuting. My article will connect you with various writings relating to that. Although the easiest one to read and follow is my chapter on it in The End of Christianity, which unfortunately is not available for free (it's an edited anthology by John Loftus published by Prometheus Books), although it does have a kindle edition. It's one of my favorite writings, so I think you'd enjoy it.

But meanwhile, if you don't have that or can't afford it, from this latest blog post you might still get an idea of the gist of one part of that chapter (the part on cosmology; other sections cover everything from biogenesis and evolution, to the origin of consciousness, but these weren't addressed by Barnes, the physicist I'm responding to). It had to be technical owing to the state of the argument by this point. But hopefully it's still at least a tolerable read.