Languages you're using, or can use...
Unity5 still doesn't quite work, almost 12 months after launch - core systems are (at best) beta quality - and they've just killed support for Unity4 - their only stable, production-quality engine!

So a lot of us have been looking at alternatives, and for me the biggest challenge is that the intersection between "game engine I can use easily" and "programming language I can use easily" is sadly quite small.

That got me thinking: if you started a new commercial ES today, what language does your audience want?

NB: please feel free to share this link, I'll share it on twitter etc. The results will hopefully be interesting and useful.

FYI: I picked the top 10 global languages by popularity, and then cherrypicked from the next 50 or so on - favouring ones where I have met people that I know are using them in gamedev today.