Mars is a magical place

Last month another one of my poems was published in Journey Planet fanzine, issue 51, about the magical places. You can read an explanation about why for me the most magical place in the world is Mars and how it is connected to Ray Bradbury's birthday, on my website: Thanks to my patrons, I could create a personal website! Big thank you to my supporters! 

Read the poem below -


Walking down Gogol Boulevard

- my favourite part of Moscow -

all the roads I’ve taken

in the shadows of the trees

or on the dappled pavements,

remembered and half-forgotten

in my mind - through heavy clouds -

I revoke familiar stars and planets…


It is raining on Venus 

and the sun is scarce

so I don’t like it there

I would rather go to Mars 

to plant an apple alley 

in the name of Michurin

(like the street I live on -

honouring Ivan Vladimych, 

the selectionner/geneticist). 

I’d structure them in a gist

watch them maturing,

delighted with their

overnight blooming. 

Whoever said 

he who plants a tree

does not enjoy its shadow -

they never planted a tree

on this red barren planet.

[I have nurtured smaller trees,

yet they’ve not seen eternities...

How do you even qualify 

as a bonsai?]

I will make Mars the Emain Ablach.

Maybe all along it was that

but we simply didn’t know

and thought we’d better grow

potatoes in the land of Youth.

If you drink from the hidden spring

you might fall under the spell

of a blood magic ring;

Three times circle the well 

for luck; travel for months

like Echtrae and Immram 

heroes mingling with sidhe

who just might appear

to be aliens.

With Phobos and Deimos 

Mars is a fearful father,

but instead of war

we’ll bear gifts of the Magi

to fill to the brim canalli dry

demanding so much more.

Mars we all know

is a magical place

made up completely

of crimson dreams.

Distant but close

it shines in the night

but it’s yet prohibited

for our folk to enter

the fairytale land.

we answer its calling

If we drifted in the matrix

it would still lure us out

of the constructed universe

towards the unknown.

We would overheat the hivemind

expanding the solar system 

to reach the promised realm

which is obviously 

dry and dusted 


on Mars.

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