Better BuildBuy (Organized Debug) v1.1 Stability Patch


Follow my install instructions at the bottom of this post.
If you don't, I won't be mad, just disappointed. ūüėČ

This is a critical update for Better BuildBuy. The original release had possible scenarios where the game would crash upon entering buildbuy or selecting a filter. All of these have been corrected in v1.1 and you should update immediately.
I also added a few minor Quality of Life improvements.

What's new in v1.1:

  • Fixed multiple race conditions that led to random crashes. I apologize for any confusion this caused, due to its random nature it was very difficult to confirm any reports of crashing. I was finally able to reproduce a reported problem and resolved it from there.
    If you're wondering what a race condition is, it's where two parts of code are running in parallel and if x runs before y, it's fine, but if y runs before x, you get a crash.
  • Content Filters (Debug, LiveEdit, Hide Maxis, CC) are now saved and reloaded even when you quit the game. This means if you want CC on, it will stay on permanently until you turn it back off.
  • Fixed an EA bug where Show All is mistakenly set as the default function dropdown. Show All can be slow to load and in code it's obvious it's meant to be Comfort by default, but is mistakenly overridden when it checks the last used dropdown setting and gets an empty result. I've fixed this to still select Comfort if the setting is empty.

Original Release Text

This is the first public release for Better BuildBuy. Many of you might know it as Organized Debug from my teasers, but because the scope of the project has changed, Better BuildBuy is a more fitting title.

This can be viewed as the ultimate bundle of my common build mods. Expandable Catalog and BuildMode FreeCam are included, since they share the same files.
If you have those installed separately, remove them before installing this.


This mod brings quite a few  quality of life improvements to buildbuy, here is a list of them:

  • Organized Debug: ¬†Debug (and LiveEdit) objects are sorted into proper categories when this is on. For example, plungers and makeup are in the Bathroom Accents category now, and LiveEdit Trees are well... in Trees.¬†
  • Swatched Debug: Objects will now be swatched like normal objects are. This lets you use the design tool to quickly flip through the swatches as well.
  • Named Debug: When Organized Debug is on, debug items without names are now named by their technical name. This will make searching for a particular item easier.
  • Clone and Destroy Debug: When Organization is on, you may also clone and destroy any debug object you want. No restrictions.
  • Organized Debug Toggle: Because there's no way to have organized debug items without it being marked as CC, I've added an in game toggle to the filters list. When you're ready to upload to the gallery, just turn it off and restart the game. You may then upload to the gallery without the CC tag.
  • Better Filters: You can now choose to see any combination of Maxis, Debug, Live Edit, or Custom Content Objects. No more wading through CC when you just want to find a Maxis item. These filters also make the debug and liveedit objects unnecessary. Just toggle the filter on and they'll be available.
  • Persistent Filters: Unlike normal BuildBuy, Better BuildBuy will keep your filter selections saved even if you leave BuildBuy. Content Filters are kept even if you close the game.
  • Expandable Catalog: Two rows of objects feeling too crowded? Press the 1 key on your number row to expand it to 5. When done, just press the key once more to return to 2.
  • BuildMode FreeCam: Love that tab camera but wish you could have it in buildbuy? That's included with Better BuildBuy as well. Just press tab while in buildmode and you'll snap right into freecam mode.


Better BuildBuy Overview 

lilsimsie's Mod Review


Q: Will the debug naming be available in other languages?
A: Unfortunately no, as I have no way to automate that and the objects' technical names are only exist in English in code. This only affects the objects that are normally labeled as "** DEBUG **". All others will still be in your language.

Q: Can't you make it so the Debug items aren't CC while organization is on?
A: No, sorry. This is controlled by the core of the game and there's no way for me to override it. That's why you have to toggle it off.

Q: I already have your Expandable Catalog or FreeCam mod. Should I keep both?
A: No, delete the other mods and only install this one. Only use those mods if you don't want the other features that come with Better BuildBuy.

Q: Do the filters persist/work even when Organized Debug is off?
A: Yep, though you'll need to search for "** Debug **" to view the debug/liveedit items when it's off, like you always have.

Q: Can I filter debug by color?
A:  Only on some, sorry. Most debug items have zero color data and there's no way to automatically fill that info in.

Q: The Debug and LiveEdit dropdown categories don't work for me.
A: You need to turn on the debug and liveedit filters, otherwise the category will appear empty since they're filtered out.

Q: Hide Maxis doesn't work on searches, why?
A: Hide Maxis is ignored during searches so that it doesn't appear that nothing was found when it's really a maxi object. Hide Maxis will resume automatically when you go back to browsing the catalog.

Q: When I check Organized Debug, I'm not getting a pop-up telling me it's turned on. Why not?
A: It's pretty much a guarantee that this means the mod is too deep in your Mods folder. When looking at your Mods root directory, you should see a folder named exactly "Tmex-BetterBuildBuy", if you don't, remove and reinstall using the exact instructions below.

Q: Where did my CC go?!
A: CC is off by default, to show it, just check the Custom Content filter under Content. This allows the possibility to view other objects without CC being mixed in. Refer to Filter section below for more info.


When you first install this mod, Organized Debug is off. Open the Filter Panel and go to Better BuildBuy -> Organized Debug. Turn it on, and then restart your game.
You'll now have access to all of the organization features.
When you're done building and ready to upload, turn this back off and restart the game. You may now upload it without it being marked as CC.


You should not use the usual debug/liveedit cheats.
Those are controlled with the content  filters now.
Debug - Shows Debug objects. When Organization is off, you still have to search for ** DEBUG to view them.
LiveEdit - Shows LiveEdit objects.  When Organization is off, you still have to search for ** DEBUG to view them.
Custom Content - Shows CC objects. Off by default.
Hide Maxis - Hides all regular objects. This filter is left on, but ignored while viewing search results.

The mentioned filters are saved even if you close the game, so you only have to set CC once, if you'd prefer it to be on.


Please follow this exactly.
If you already have a copy of BetterBuildBuy, Expandable BuildBuy, or BuildCam, delete them before installing this.

1. Open the download below.

2. Inside will be a folder called "Tmex-BetterBuildBuy". Drag that folder directly to your Mods folder. Do NOT put it in a subfolder.

3. If you're new to mods, make sure both mods and script mods are turned on in your gameplay options -> Other tab. You'll need to restart the game if it's off.

4. Again, the organized debug option is off by default. You'll need to start the game, go to BuildBuy, and in the Filter Panel scroll to "Better BuildBuy".
Check the "Organized Debug" option to turn it on.
You will need to restart your game for the changes to take effect any time you change this setting.

When looking in your Mods folder, if you don't see the exact folder name "tmex-BetterBuildBuy", it's not installed correctly.

I know that's a lot of reading, but please do check it all. If you're having issues, there's a good chance it's covered in this post.
If you have and still have any questions, just ask. 


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