Urban Social Interaction Mod: VERSION 2:2

DON'T FORGET ‣ This mod is still growing & it is far from completed. This means, there will be quite a few updates as I add more. I appreciate your understanding and patience. ♥

After learning how to make social interactions... I decided to make something different. A mod made especially to urbanize the social interactions within game and make YOU feel more realistic with your gameplay. 

The idea came to me a while ago but now that I have the full hang of creating social overrides, there is a ton more to come! Also, this mod will include a few other surprises as I learn more. Until then, I will make sure to keep you updated. 

‣  Current Status: 63 Social Interactions & 115 randomized buffs, 2 careers & 5 traits

‣  2ND GOAL: 80 Interactions For Active Sim

‣  2ND GOAL: 150 buffs for Active & Target Sim

What Does This Mod Do?

 ‣   Provides an enhanced urbanized feel to social interactions for each category.

 ‣  Includes buffs for both the active sim and target sim for interactions.

 ‣  Adds characteristics to each sim whether active or target.

 ‣  Non-Binary : No use of he or she throughout this mod.

 ‣   NEW urban sim terminology (simlish-slang).

 ‣   Includes positive & negative (potentially controversial) outlooks.

 ‣   Enhances gameplay to allow a realistic outlook on conversations.

 ‣  Currently, this mod has not been reported to conflict with another mod.

 ‣  Download Urban Social Mod zip file.

 ‣  Unzip this Urban Social zip file.

 ‣  Place the files into a folder titled Urban Social Mod in your MODS folder.

 ‣   Delete your localthumbcache.package within your Sims 4 folder.

 ‣   Start your game and ensure that script mods are enabled.

Programs Used:

  • The Sims 4 Mod Constructor V4
  • Python XML Tuning
  • Sims4Studio


Want to check out some sneak peaks? Check out the photos below:


  • Corrected an issue with computer interaction causing last exception.
  • Corrected last exception caused by Trap House lot trait conflicting with Basemental Gangs & Wicked Perversions.
  • As of now, all social interactions for USM should have autonomy turned off! However if you see a buff appear randomly, please take a screenshot & send it to me.
  • For the 'Sup Sigga?' greeting, I removed the buff added within the last update. Some people were experiencing a last exception error due to it. It was conflicting with KiaraSims More Social's Mod.
  • 11 New Mean Social Interactions
  • 3 New Romance Interactions
  • Updated Buff Images for Some Interactions
  • Charisma skill is now Shxt Talking skill
  • Try For Baby -----> Put A Hole In Condom
  • Ask to be Boyfriend / Girlfriend has been reworded to Ask to be Bae



Social Interactions

Buffs Galore

🔴 T.O.U 

P L E A S E:

  • Do not re-upload my content.
  • Do not claim my content as your own
  • Do not edit my content. 

Enjoy My Loves  😘 


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