February Plans
As you're aware, we haven't released an update this month. Heavy work is scheduled to begin in February:

Our immediate goal is adding multiple aspect ratio support. Currently the game snaps to a 16:9 resolution when running. With this feature the game will be able to run on any resolution.

We're also going to be on Square Enix Collective in February and possibly relaunching our Kickstarter in March if there is enough support for the game on Collective, or possibly directing people to the Patreon instead. Right now we're uncertain.

We're also going to be cleaning up the codebase. The card pop-up issue should be fixed when we do this, along with a number of other small bugs.

Lastly, we are working on a redesign of our main menu. We feel the current table setup is a bit claustrophobic and we got a lot of feedback wondering if we were going to use the environment artwork to the game. The featured image at the top is a preview of what we have in mind.

Thank you so much for supporting us!