Hive Ultimate Content Sharing Policy / Statement

It's understandable that you will want to share patron-only content with your friends / coaches / teammates, or ask for content to be shared with you. For analysis and instructional material, we do want everybody to see the content too, but we can't sustainably release all content for free - so we ask a couple of things below. For teams, you can get in touch to reach a fair agreement about how technique and strategic footage and information can be shared. Please follow the lead on Discord in terms of where actual footage or datasets are shared, and in general do things which will help Hive teams have more fun and win - this is what we want too. It's expected you won't ever share patreon content automatically, or in bad faith.
If you think it's all ok & good to share with who you have in mind, we ask two things:
(1) Encourage them to become a patron. Pledges are shared between our contributors - production, creation, coaches, and the hive mind - so please take a second to encourage whoever you are sharing with to also become a patron. Send them the link & offer to make a donation on their behalf. Usually 1 in a team of 15 will become a patron.
(2) Share one of our free videos with them (in addition), or on your social media, and say 10/10 would recommend or something clever or funny - whatever your style is. Most people haven't seen Surrounding (, and 4 Offensive Mistakes can also catch their attention.

If you do these two things then a little sharing might be a net good thing for your situation. We're in this together to build it stronger. We are looking to compensate more people for doing what they love - coaching, analysing, strategising, creating, and producing. This team has plenty of room to grow, and can make a huge difference to the sport. One day we aim to coordinate teacher training days in multiple countries, and coach 24/7 globally in real-time.

Your patronage means a lot to us, we are glad to have you on board / interested, and we hope we can make this work for everyone!

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