Patreon Update for September 23, 2020

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Hey everyone! Welcome to our free weekly Patreon post!

Dirty Tricks Chapter

We started the Dirty Tricks chapter this week. As the name implies, it has rules for all kinds of fun stuff in Covenant. We've finished three sections in this chapter:

  • Hiding Your Character: How to hide your character or items from other characters.
  • Disguising Your Character: How to create a disguise to pass yourself off as someone else or even "go native"
  • Counterfeiting Items: How to create counterfeit items, like identification papers, money, and even items like weapons and gear

We plan to add two more sections to this chapter: 

  • Breaking Stuff: We plan to put three subsections in this section.
    • Sabotaging Items: Doing damage to items and machines without fighting or making attacks
    • Degrading Items: Reducing the performance of items without necessarily breaking them
    • Demolitions: Setting explosive charges and bombs
  • Disarming Items: Disarming bombs, traps, and alarms

Purpose of This Chapter

We intend for the rules in the Finding Information, Socializing, and Dirty Tricks chapters to give your character options during a game. That's because your character shouldn't have to be a murderhobo if xi doesn't want to be.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Covenant isn't a pacifist game. Your character will sometimes have no choice but to fight. However, your character won't have to fight all the time, and there'll be times when you'll want to avoid fighting.

The rules in the Dirty Tricks chapter will allow your character to sneak past guards and security and then damage the enemy where it'll do the most good. This fits in with the general idea that we have for Covenant games: outnumbered and outgunned PCs who need to use everything at their disposal to survive.

Project Progress 

Assuming that we complete one section or subsection a day, we should finish the Dirty Tricks chapter by Monday. After that, we have just the Building and Improving Items chapter, along with a planned four appendices.

Based on all this, we expect to have all our editing and preliminary work done by the end of October. That will give us four months to rewrite the playtest rules before our Feb. 28, 2021 deadline. We think, or at least hope, that we'll meet that deadline.

That's about it for now. Talk to you next week, or tomorrow if you're a patron!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 136 exclusive posts