story 0 : gustus dei
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Hello, friends. 

The day has come.

The files are ready. The site is up. The booklets are made. The audiobook is here--read by moi!--a free surprise for all*, and a new reward level available at the $25 level, going forward. Here is a link to "Gustus Dei" on a special new ad-free devoted site (all future stories will be password-protected); and attached to this post is "Gustus Dei" in both audiobook form and three different e-text formats. I'll go into how to read them in a minute, but first, may I say: 

Before you read the story, put down your phone, get a hot drink, and curl up somewhere--on the couch, in the backseat, in a corner of the subway car. Short stories are wonderful for many reasons, but one of them is that you can read them in one sitting. They're a self-contained immersive experience. So set aside a few minutes in your day to enjoy it.  :)

Now! Onto the gritties. I know how to read the PDF and MOBI on a Kindle, but can anyone list basic instructions for reading on Nooks and iPads? I can look it up myself; I just can't test them out on devices, so I feel like I'd be less helpful than someone who actually uses them. If you put it in the comments, that'd be deeply appreciated. Also, thank you to patron CECILIA TAN for being a complete rock star and helping me troubleshoot e-reading into the wee hours of the morning. She made new MOBI and EPUB files for us, which is incredibly kind of her. 

(1) KINDLE: If you have a Kindle, send the PDF or MOBI as an attachment (no text or subject heading necessary) to your email address you used when you first registered your Kindle. (As Cecilia also pointed out, you might have to add your own "from" address specifically as an approved sender so that it won't get stopped by the spam filter.) When you're connected to wifi, it should show up in your new downloads.

(2) NOOK: Can anyone help?

(3) iPAD: Can anyone help?

...and PLEASE let me know if you come up against issues. I'm hoping all will go smoothly, but as I said before, this round is also for troubleshooting. That's why everything is free. Talk to me below! Which format do you like best? :)



*This is my first attempt at an audiobook, like, ever. I hope you enjoy my Grumpy Old Priest voice. The opening music is "Lux Refulget" by Sequentia. Also, I had to cut one line because I couldn't say it with a straight face. It's this one.


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