The We Are RGM Submit System FAQ

Hey! If you're reading this, you probably saw our Submit system in our site and want to understand more. Or maybe you're currently supporting us and need more info of how this works. This is the right place and we'll update this post with your doubts, so feel free to comment below. Let's start with the basics:

Q: Where is this form located and how do I access it?
You can find it here:

You'll have access by logging in with your Patreon credentials when you have an account supporting We Are RGM you will be able to see the submission form here

It has to be easy and straightforward, but if you have problems accessing, send us a DM here.

Q: How does We Are RGM Submit works?
The Patreon submit form looks like this.

The email is a reference to confirm your user in Patreon.
The other field is for the Spotify track's URL.
The form supports released music that we can consider after listening to it.

When a song is submitted, it's added we are notified and it is then added into a private folder of music.

Q: How do I share the link?

You can now use a Spotify URL to submit a song. A correct example will include 'track' somewhere on the URL

Here is examples:

To copy the track URL/URI, just right click over the song in Spotify (not the album) > Share > Copy Song Link. If what you paste contains 'track', it's all good.

Q: When do you listen to the music? How do you report it?
When a song is supported, we add the info of where was added into our document and we contact you. 

Each month we also compose a list on here of successful adds.

Q:  Which genres are you covering?
We support ALL genres as briefs that come in vary massively.

Q: Why can't I send the same song twice?
If we listened to the song and we didn't consider it please do not send again next month.

Q: Can you give me personal feedback about my song?
We don't have the time to do so right now. The amount we're asking for in exchange for our time is little more than a coffee.

If we do however like your song, we shall get in contact and let you know that it has been added and we shall also announce it on Patreon. 

In the future, we'll love to have a team that can give specific and professional feedback to any artist. Until then, we can only give you support like this. If you have ideas or would like to tell us how the ideal way for you to receive feedback would be, please comment here with insights.

Q:  What is the ratio of songs that you support?
For reference, we support about 10-15% of the songs coming from the Patreon system

Do you have more questions? Send them below and we'll add them to the full FAQ!
Thank you!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post