Holk House Battlemaps

Life is still different, but I am getting more time to create maps, and it is an excellent creative outlet. I finished all three floors of Holk House in the Mere of Dead Men. I based the maps on the maps from Dungeon Magazine #71 pg 55. If you want to understand everything that is happening on the map, I recommend reading the magazine. There are over 24 rooms detailed there. Here is a rough overview:

  • Floor 1 -  This is the central area of the temple. Water has flooded all but two rooms on the floor. Magic protects those two rooms from flooding. There are various encounters in different rooms that the players can enter, and the players all should have rings of water breathing.
  • Floor 2 - The NPCs living in the temple use this floor to rest in their private chambers. There is a weird fog coming out of the central room and a hidden treasure area in the northwest corner.
  • Floor 3 - The whole floor is only accessible from the west steps and the cloud in the middle is a portal to the underworld. 

For the first floor, I made four versions of the map to remove the water. I wasn't sure if a DM would want to use the maps with or without the water. Each map is 30 X 20 squares. I exported each map with and without lighting, with grids, gridless and a single square grid, three different resolutions, high contrast, and pdf versions of the map in letter and A4 format (for US and EU players).  I also separated the DM maps that identify secret doors. All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.

Next up is the tower of Iniarv. It is the next location that my players will have combat. After that, I will probably go back to the family villas.

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