GameDataCrunch v0.3: Similarity & Overlaps!

Hey everyone!

Head on over to and check out some of our cool new features!

First off, we have an actual landing page now, and a slightly less worse navigation bar:

We now have a small methodology page as well as a preliminary FAQ.

We still have the three views from before -- New Releases, Top Games, and Browse by Category, as well as the search field to look up details for a specific game.

Here's a quick overview of new features:

Better List View:

We've cleaned this up a little so that we now show you the game's title (which links to the details page), it's Early Access Status (🏁 = Former EA, 🚧 = Current EA), release date, price, and review score summary (hover over the thumbs-up/down icon for more details).

More sort options

You also have more sort options now. Before you could only sort by "Performance", "Critical Acclaim", and "Hidden Gem Score" -- but now you can pick different sub-metrics to sort by.

For instance, you can now sort by the Top Sellers 24-hr rank in the new releases list, or any other available metric.

We've also added sort by Metacritic and Opencritic to the critical acclaim sort:

Better Details View:

We've added a few features to the details page, too. 

For one, each details page has a link to find similar games.

Similarity and Audience Overlaps

Clicking the "find games similar to..." link on any detail page will bring up a special list view showing games similar to the given one. Now, how do you define "similar?" Game Data Crunch has three methods: similar tags, similar audience, and a blend of both.

"Similar tags" is basically Steam Diving Bell 2.0. It's a bit rudimentary at the moment and has some embarrassing edge cases, but I'll be dialing it in over the next month or so. Right now it just looks at tags, but needs to also consider things like mature content ratings, store categories, and all the other metadata I have access to.

"Steam reviewer overlap" measures how many steam users have reviewed both the game in question and any given game on the list. This is a rough measure of "audience overlap", though keep in mind it's going to be distorted a bit because only highly engaged players leave reviews.

"Similar tags + reviewer overlap" is exactly what it sounds. A normalized score that blends the above methods more or less fifty-fifty, and in my experience returns the best results at the moment.

I'll be able to improve on all of these in the future, as well as adding more metrics to track.

There's a couple other things to mention that are kinda nerdy if you're still reading:

Store Categories vs. Tags

On every detail page's "category ranks" section we now expose each "Store Category" field separately from user tags. For those of you who don't know, Steam encodes the same concept in multiple fields, with some inconsistency. IE, a game can have the Multiplayer store category field without having the Multiplayer user tag and vice versa. This leads to a lot of confusion, and it's my job to sort it out. Generally speaking, the store category field tends to be more reliable than the user tag when both are available for a given game. However, Store Categories only exist for things like player modes and certain game features, so we still have to rely on user tags for most things.

The card box 🗃 icon indicates a "store category" and the label/tag 🏷 icon indicates a "user tag".

I am slowly building up my own taxonomy system that straightens out all these inconsistencies, but for now I'm just exposing both taxonomy fields as a stopgap measure. In a future version I'll just expose one field on GameDataCrunch that unites this information in the most accurate way possible.

External Links

There's now an external links section at the bottom of each details page where you can find more information about the given game on other sites:

Thanks for all your support! I'll have a poll up for our patreons in a bit asking what our next feature should be. Your support is what makes this possible!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post