MJTS 130 | Kevin R.

Today we have the finale of Kevin Reid (Drink Builder), the Mixologist's song!  Let me know what you think...

Kevin Reid

Job Title:


Briefly describe your job / a typical day for you:
I don’t have typical days which is pretty cool. I can be behind a bar and have a moment to interact with a guest ( create / talk them into something new to drink). I may teach bartenders how to serve responsibly (so the don’t get sued). I could have a virtual happy hour or training course where ideas flourish and knowledge is shared. I even can even have a creative day where I test and compare cocktails looking for the perfect combination to present to judges to win a competition (original cocktails, making syrups, smoking ingredients, making perfectly clear ice)

1 thing you DISLIKE about your job:
The glass eventually gets empty

1 thing you LOVE about your job:
Competing in cocktail competitions

Favorite phrase (something you often say):
Shake and double strain


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