Recursion EP in the making
Hi everyone!

Today I finished basic structure for a (extended club) remix of original Recursion track. This means that how the track evolves, where are drops, bridges, transitions and other elements is now laid out, I just need at least another day to smooth out the transitions so that they are the way they should be. After more than two weeks of pretty dark creep regarding work (including Patreon updates!) things started to move with a slightly faster pace, which is a relief.

As I wrote before, the Recursion video is ready for release and during the weekend I want to prepare some teasers (animated gifs!) to go around social networks. I will post the video early at the beginning of the week to my patrons exclusively, the video and EP should be out on thursday or friday, and there's a background story to the track Recursion that needs to be told. Not sure yet what form this telling will take (writing, video log or commentary to the music video), but I would love to take a form of an "open studio" video log.

In the meantime I'm rushing to finish another remix of Recursion track, send it into mastering and pack it into an EP for Bandcamp (and free name-your-price download).

I'm not entirely happy with the time it took me to arrive to this point as I was hoping I would already be working on the music and video for March and would be posting more frequent updates... But I'm thinking, hey, let's take things the way they are evolving at the moment, be flexible and update the schedule.

PS: some of you have notice this already, but my latest mix has been posted online few weeks ago. I played a DJ set for MENT festival here in Ljubljana and moved the selection of what I usually play into slighly more fresh territory, with less bang and more bass, funk and more open space. I'm very satisfied with this evolution. Listen to Bass Ment Excursion mix (and download) here: