SINS Reborn project + 2020 Annual reward!

Hello Patrons!

So, here is my idea for SINS Reborn. This is a bit crazy so brace yourself.

The whole SINS Reborn collection will feature SEVEN decks. 😱

Here is the full family - 3x Players Editions, 3x Limited Editions and 1 Gilded edition.

Players Editions

  • SINS Red Corpus (retail value $17) - around 2500 made
  • SINS Blue Mentis (retail value $17) - around 2500 made
  • SINS Black Anima (retail value $25) - around 2000 made

Limited Editions 

  • SINS Blood Corpus LTD (retail value $29) - around 1500 made
  • SINS Twisted Mentis LTD (retail value $29) - around 1500 made
  • SINS Lost Anima LTD (retail value $55) - around 1200 made

The Gilded Edition

  • SINS Infernal Anima EX (retail value $100) - around 800 made

Patreon 2020 last quarter reward

For Sword Patrons I should have awesome news: you will get 1 copy of both Players and Limited Editions as your Sword reward (Oct-Nov-Dec).

So, this last quarter Patreon package are six decks for a value of $177.

This is probably the best reward I've ever prepared for Patreon . For now, at least 😏 

Infernal Gilded Edition

SINS Infernal Anima EX will be the Annual 2020 Reward, and will be included for free to anyone upgraded his Sword reward to Annual Plan in 2020 or it’s a Patron since January 2020.

If you are a Patron since January AND you also upgraded to yearly Patreon, you will get TWO Infernal Anima Gilded Editions. 

 The only annual rewards eligible for get SINS Anima Infernal Edition are: Early Sword, Sword, Longsword and Massive Sword. 

All of these will get only 1 Infernal Anima EX, unless they are members since January AND they upgraded for the year - in this case they will get 2. 

UPDATE - If you are an international backer (outside US, EU, CH, NZ, CA, AU, UK) you should add +$108/year for shipping (normally +10$/month, with the yearly 10% off applied)

What if I am not an "annual" Patron and I want Infernal Anima EX?

If you don’t want yearly membership and/or you subscribed after January 2020, no problem! 

I will allow all Patrons get Infernal Anima EX it on its own for +$55 shipping included (1 deck per Patron max). This will happens on my website on a very small window of time, before the Kickstarter campaign - stay tuned if you want this (I will announce it, of course).

SINS Kickstarter

For non-Patrons, I am planning a quick Kickstarter soon, with good prices - of course a little higher, compared to Patreon. Just to give you an indication:

  • On Kickstarter, the players+limited editions will cost €99 ($116). Patrons are getting these for 90 USD shipping included.
  • All the 7 decks will cost €149 ($175). A non-yearly Patron will pay 145 USD (90 USD membership + 55 gilded deck). A yearly Patron would pay just 90 USD (and it will also have a 10% annual discount).

If you want more decks, you need to back the Kickstarter - there won’t be a preorder on my website for SINS, apart the quick window for integrate the Infernal Anima EX. Prices are a little higher than Patreon but still very good, even with the international shipping I'll charge for non US backers.

On Kickstarter, shipping will be included only for US backers.


For its structure, the SINS limited editions are basically Kickstarter/Patreon exclusive. If you want all the variants, the best way is get them here on Patreon or back the Kickstarter.

Some features of the decks

The backs of the deck are different and recolored, compared to the original edition. I used a classic "blue/red" scheme for Corpus and Mentis. 

Red, Azure, Gold, Violet and Silver will be metallic inks, hopefully super-spectacular as usual.

The courts are different as well. Here is the same Q in the Corpus/Mentis and Anima version:

  • The Players Editions are supposed mainly to be used. They will have metallic inks on box and cards. This edition will have the USPCC standard box and no seal.
  • The Limited Editions are mainly for collectors. Sealed, numbered and with a beautiful custom box. I will use experimental papers, embossing and 2 layers of foil. 
  • The Infernal Gilded Edition is the White (Violet?) Whale of the project, with a crazy violet gilding and a super tuckbox. I am planning to produce from 500 to 800. Retail price will be around $100.

Why I am making SEVEN editions?

I know, seven editions are many.

The main reason I am doing this is for give a super high value to all my Patrons as the last reward of this year. I love your support and I wanted to give you something valuable, new and “heavy”.

The other reason is artistic. This remake should have been a “Player’s edition”, a relatively cheap option for the ones who want to play with SINS. 

However, I am aware that many collectors loved the premium boxes I made for the Original edition and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

Like almost everything I do, this is an experiment. I’ve tried launches with 1, 2, 3 and 4 decks. Sometimes I’ve unlocked special editions on the go. However, I’ve never tried to go all in and release so many editions all together. 

Of course a project like this is very expensive to fund on my own, that is the reason I am launching a quick Kickstarter to integrate.

Anyways… whatever the result will be, I won’t do this again soon 😅

As usual let me know what you think! If you have questions or you see some "errors" of any kind, let me know.

More updates during the next days,

thnk you for the awesome support,


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