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#16 My Sarah, My Michael

Why don't you ever sleep, my Michael?
Your eyes are dim, your skin is sallow.
I miss that warm and lively fellow.
You worry me with all your work.
You leave and come home in the dark.
I miss your breathing in the bed,
Your chest a pillow for my head,
The gap between us growing ever deep...
Michael, why don't you ever sleep?

The wolves are at the door, my Sarah.
How will you be provided for?
The bank won't shake my hand no more.
Ain't got no boss, it's only me
To lay a table here for three.
I'm not a hero, I'm just a man,
I only do the best I can.
I made a promise, one that I will keep,
Sarah. That is why I never sleep.

Why won't you let me help, my Michael?
You let me cook, you let me clean,
But when I'm by your side you're mean.
I want to struggle at your shoulder,
Not wait inside just growing older.
You complain, you get upset...
How desperate can a woman get?
You never even asked me how I felt.
Michael, why won't you let me help?

I've got to know my mettle, my Sarah.
We two are young, younger than most.
There isn't much that I can boast.
I've got to know what I can do,
It hasn't much to do with you.
You're skilled and strong and tried and I
Have barely learned how to get by.
If I don't try, my confidence will melt,
and Sarah, that is something you can't help.

Tell me where we are going, my Michael.
A girl has got to know she's safe
Inside the arms of a constant mate.
You can't expect her to be glad
To know her husband's going mad
With angst and wonder, loving life,
It seems, more than he loves his wife.
Will you keep me close beside your dreams?
Michael, is it all what it seems?

All is what it seems, my Sarah.
I'm yours, you're mine, we'll see it through.
I know that you have your dreams, too.
You can't expect me to be glad
To watch our options going bad
With every bill for every dime
Continuing to mount and climb...
But Sarah, you and I have noble dreams.
I promise. Everything is what it seems.

Recorded & Mixed by Greg Krueger at Krueger Studios in Sunland, CA
Dave Morrison - "Michael"
Olivia Brownlee - "Sarah," Guitar, Song

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