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"Fishy 3D is the first-ever sequel of a Patreon game, namely fishy! In it, you dive, jump, eat and swim through an open 3d world full of fish, plants and obstacles. This time, the game is less of an arcade game and more focused on exploration, puzzling, and just letting you be a fish at your own pace. There are tons of optional collectibles, so there's something for more hard-core players, too!
The idea for a sequel came when I thought to apply the diving mechanic from Noodle Ramen to fishy, as well as spending time at the water near my new house. It was a challenging project technically, but I think it came out really well! The game was inspired by Pikmin, Super Mario Galaxy and, of course, ! Fishy !.
Have fun!"
- rub

Note: this game was supposed to come out in September. If you were a patron in september, you should have access to this game!

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