liselotte; mini-bath set 🛀🏿

Oct 8, 2020

i missed y’all. it’s been quite some time since i’ve uploaded anything (or consistently posted) and that’s due to the fact that sims 4 isn’t nearly as enjoyable to me as it once was. 🥺🥺 but good news; i’m slowly getting back into it??? so be on the lookout for new cc releases and maybe some gameplay pics sometime soon!~

anyways here’s some cc i’ve been hoarding for almost about a year now lmao.

  • parenthood gamepack might be required for the shower-tubs??
  • everything is else is base game compatible~
  • let me know if you run into any issues
  • most importantly, enjoy and have a great day!!
✿ seedling ✿
$1 per month
  • thank you for the support! ♥

  • access to all custom content!~  

✿ plant ✿
$3 per month
  • thank you so much for the extra support, it's truly appreciated! ♥

  • thank you for the support! ♥

  • access to all custom content!~ 

✿ bouquet ✿
$5 per month
  • you are being super kind and considerate (i don't deserve)!! thank you so so much, i am forever grateful! ♥

  • access to all custom content!~ 

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