The HSD Patreon is back! Also, Patreon merchandise.

Yo, current 7 patrons (thank you so much) and upcoming millions to quadrillions to come. 

I'm back. If you're in the server or the subreddit, you likely already know this. Of course, this means it's time to bring back an integral part of how I ran things: this very Patreon.

So, what does this change? Of course, if you were already here, you were giving money just for my dev stints. Now, the money will not be funding me, but the community as a whole. I posted a roadmap in the server, and I'll post it in the patron description, but let's put it here too anyway:



  • #music to Interests (done)
  • Interests above Creative (done)
  • MOD RECKONING (done)
  • Patreon update: (you are here)
  •   - #shilling where people can advertise fanventures and fanworks
  •   - Custom Patron channels like #food and whatever you think of
  •   - Custom roles, colors and access to #vip 
  •   - Game servers (Space Station 13, SCP: SL) (+'game nights'?)
  •   - Ads on MSPFA (If we can afford it)
  •   - Merchandise for three-month patrons
  • 10/25 Community Stream (done)
  • Sequel comic role bot (done)
  • Stream roles bot (done)
  • HSD reads X Fanventure channel, starting with the convention fanventure (done)


  • HSDJam (submit music, art, games, prototypes, assets) contest
  • HSD Sings X


  • Charity event (Clean Air Task Force)
  • (Secret April Fools Thing)
  • HSD Taskmaster challenge with ban punishments????? (?????????)

So, those are my current plans. I will surely have more to add soon. 

I will be working on restoring the tiers and adding the merch to them right after this post (Make sure to update your shipping addresses if you want merch!!!!). Might take one day or two for things to be fully stable. 

Thanks for joining me in this next stage of our journey!

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