New Mana Seed Discord Roles

BIG UPDATES! If you're active on my Discord server, you should definitely read this post πŸ€—

As my server gets bigger, I thought it might be fun to let some Mana Seed fans show off their involvement with, or contribution to, the cause. I've implemented a few new roles to my Discord channel that will hopefully liven up the boring color scheme we had going before, and give some special peeps bragging rights πŸ˜…

Here's a rundown of all the roles available on the Mana Seed Discord server. If you think you should have one of the roles listed below, get with me so I can hook you up! Note that the Ko-fi Club, Patrons, and Benefactor roles are assigned automatically by bots once you connect your Discord account to your Patreon or Ko-fi account. Check this out for help on getting that set up with Patreon.

Without further ado, here's an explanation of each role, in order of precedence (the furthest one down you have on this list will be the color your name is in Discord):

@everyone (not pictured above)
This is the default non-role everyone gets when they join my Discord from the public invite. These members can't see anything but the #introductions channel. New members typically come here first and need to introduce themselves so I can assign them a role.

Pronoun options
These self-assigned roles don't confer any server privileges. They're just for self-identification and purely optional. You can look at someone's profile to see if they've given themselves one of these, and if so, please respect their chosen pronouns. These are listed before "Superfan" (the one everyone must have to participate in the server) in order to prevent them from changing your name color.

This is the basic role I give everyone once they've introduced themselves in the #introductions channel, even patrons (though they don't need to do any introducing since their role is assigned automatically). With this role, you can see most of the channels and participate normally.

Unity/GameMaker Studio/RPG Maker/Godot/Unreal Engine (newly added)
These are self-assigned roles you can use to let everyone know that you have experience with a particular game engine and are up for fielding questions from others. Pinging these roles is encouraged when someone is looking for help.

Ko-fi Club/Patrons
This role is assigned automatically by the Patreon Bot or Ko-fi Bot when you commit to a monthly pledge. They both grant the same perks in the Mana Seed Discord server.

  • Your name will be on a separate list from others.
  • You can set your own nickname unique to this server.
  • You can see the #patrons-only channel and the silent stream voice channel. I don't do a lot of streaming, but you're welcome to do your own streaming here if you want to share your project or help someone use a program.
  • You can use the @role command to send a message to everyone.
  • You can create invites for new members.

This is a role for high-dollar pledge tiers. You get a shiny gold name, an elevated name list, and access to a hidden #benefactor-lounge channel, where we will discuss future assets and custom orders.

Absolute Legends
This is a top-5 patron list of the longest-running unbroken pledges, regardless of tier. You da real MVP πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰

2018-19 Collector
This role is available to anyone who owns all of the paid assets I produced throughout 2018/2019. If you own all of these, email me some receipts (maybe a screenshot from itchio) so I can assign you the role. The Mana Seed assets you need to collect for this role are as follows:

  • Iconic Homestead
  • Fences & Walls
  • Village Accessories
  • Animated Candles
  • Iconic Interiors
  • Cozy Furnishings
  • Gentle Forest (the $20 version)
  • Potion Pack
  • Treasure Chests
  • Muddy Cave
  • Monster Battler Set
  • Iconic Castle
  • Steampunk Airship

2020 Collector
Similarly, you need to own all the paid assets I produced through 2020 to collect this role. Here's the asset list:

  • Character Base
  • Thatch Roof Home
  • Farming Crops
  • Peasant Farmer Pants & Hat
  • Peasant Farmer Dress & Bonnet
  • Traveler's Camp
  • Angler Pants & Rain Hat
  • Blacksmith Apron & Bandana
  • Summer Forest
  • Timber Roof Home
  • Breakable Pots
  • Spring Forest
  • Cloak & Hood
  • Autumn Forest
  • Winter Forest
  • Weather Effects
  • Delicate Deer
  • Bow Combat
  • Animated Livestock
  • Spear Combat
  • Alchemist Coat & Goggles
  • Slippery SlimeΒ 
  • Standalone NPCs

Get this role by commissioning a custom Mana Seed asset. Do this by purchasing a commission through Ko-fi when they are available.

Showcase Dev
This role is for devs that have a project in the works, and coming out soon. Find the project in the #project_showcase channel. If you've got an upcoming project using Mana Seed assets, let me know so I can add it. You'll need a significant online presence (website, Steam page, Twitter account, etc) and be pretty far along in development to qualify.

Published Dev
Getting this one is super easy, just release a finished commercial game to the public using some of the Mana Seed assets πŸ˜‚ There has only been one, officially, that I know of (SuperMash), but there are quite a few in development. When your game is out of Early Access please let me know!

This special invite-only role is for devs who are working directly with me on special projects, like the World Shaper engine.

This special role is for any pixel artists or coders who've released publicly available game dev assets that are certified Mana Seed compatible. I will need to vet these personally and add them to my itchio collection, so please get with me if you would like to make something like this.

Angels (new role, not pictured above)
Special recognition for patrons who reach a $500 lifetime pledge total. Same permissions as the Patrons role, but you keep this one even if you have to end your pledge and are no longer a patron. You also get a free character portrait/avatar drawn by me!

Contest Winner (new role, not pictured above)
Get this one for winning one of my map-making contests.

V.I.P. (new role, not pictured above)
This is a special time-limited role you can earn for doing something special (like winning a contest, for example). This puts you at the very top of the member list, but it only lasts 1 month.

Server BoosterThis is something Discord manages, and I don't really have any control over it. You need to pay money to "boost" the Mana Seed server to get it. The benefits don't look all that great to me, but if you want to do it for the snazzy purple diamond badge, go for it! πŸ˜†

And that's it! If you have any questions or have earned a role I haven't assigned to you yet, you can drop them here or message me personally through Patreon or Discord. Also, if you have any cool ideas for fun roles, I'm happy to hear them 😊

One last note: I may change the name, color, or order of some of the roles, so if it ends up looking a bit different on Discord than you see above, that's just because I thought better of it at some point πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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