Lorelei Fairbairn - the merrymaker (level 1)

artwork by shanilla_corner (https://www.fiverr.com/shanilla_corner)

Lorelei Fairbairn

Lorelei is patterned to emphasize the merrymaking nature of halflings; it can be seen by her horse fylgja giving her a proud demeanor and cheerful belief. Her adventurous spirit is another indicator of her role to cheer and encourage peers or fellow adventurers. She is specialized as a hunter not only for the skill, but also as a support for companions.

I shaped some background of Lorelei in Tarn Tanleth using the MIddarmark’s description of the former magician’s tower. She gained Legend of Tanleth-wise as a reflection of her awareness of the lost Tanleth and this should be a good introduction to delving and looting at the site. She is a rogue, but built with a little more complexity.

Having a townie friend working in the stables links Lorelei to Tarn Tanleth and gives another reflection of her horse fylgja as an embedded characteristic. Her parents visit the library, but also rove about looking for rare archives to include in a collection or lending out and taking back books, so the intent is that they are not permanently residing in Tarn Tanleth as community figures. She has a mentor adventuring around somewhere.

I’m already looking at a future Belief with a continued focus on the former magician’s tower and the strength of Tarn Tanleth; She’ll be growing in local patriotism as she gains levels. Although I answered she rather likes adventure, I feel her story remains embedded in the history and destiny of Tarn Tanleth.

I used the Torchbearer 1st edition to fit my concept for this build. At a later time, I'll review this build with the Torchbearer 2nd edition rules.

Level: 1

Stock: Huldufolk

Class: Burglar

Descriptors: Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking

Abilities: Nature 4, Will 5, Health 3, Circles 4, Resources 0

Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 3, Fighter 3, Hunter 4, Scout 2, Scavenger 2, Orator 2

Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, Legend of Tanleth-wise

Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Proud 1, Adventurous 1

Level Benefits:

Fylgja: Horse (gains Proud)

Hometown: Tarn Tanleth (gains Hunter and Early Riser) [a remote village]

Social Graces: Orator

Specialty: Hunter (or Cook depending on choices of others)

Nature Responses: eat second breakfast (+1 Nature), stand and fight (nil), rather like adventure (swap Early Riser for Adventurous)

Circles Responses: has a friend (human stable master), has parents (keepers of a huldufolk library), has a mentor (halfling burglar), has no enemy

Inventory: Wineskin, Tinker’s Kit, Cloak, Satchel, Rations, Candles, Small Sacks

Weapon: Sword

Armor: Leather

Belief: Eat, drink, and be merry; the honor and heritage of Tarn Tanleth shall never fall!

Instinct: Watch for good forage while traveling.

Looking toward growth, Lori will improve the capacity to work alongside Magician, supplement combat for a Warrior or Ranger, and broaden the role as a Burglar.

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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