Romilda Jellesal - the soothsayer (level 4)

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Romilda Jellesal

Rising to level 4, I imagine Romi has been plundering in the Sakki Downs and discovered the harrowing site of Sigrun’s Mirror; she has seen the ghost fences of the spirit-binders and seen the celestial reflections in the calm pool of the mirror. So, she’s got something new to consider as she builds her role for adventure, camp, and town phases. For the adventure phase, she gains Commander and Healer as critical skills for gathering bjornings to her rally cry. For the camp phase, she gains Alchemist and increases Hunter as practical tools for assisting companions (Cook remains a valued tool). For the town phase, she increases Steward and gains Theologian for describing and explaining the saga of Sigrun Shieldbreaker (and perhaps sorting out riddles of the immortals). She returns from the Sakki Downs altered from her visit there.

Taking Abstemious seemed the better choice; it is an easy means of reducing the draw on rations and water, but might turn out depleting the wine to overcome Angry. Stubborn makes less sense without having improved her combat role, but she needs to express the spirit of Sigrun Shieldbreaker whose touch has altered her destiny. Plucky is a great level benefit to stand alongside Abstemious, so that was a great choice.

I feel the level benefits were easy to select; Romi is less suited to delving but will be helpful to a party in other ways. She’ll need to muster good adventuring companions to get by.

Reflecting on the journey into the Sakki Downs, I reduced Nature to buy Touched by the Gods. This is entirely linked to a personal fiction of being altered or acted upon by the spirit of Sigrun Shieldbreaker. I’m not intending to gain Ritualist, but instead, guide her growth toward becoming a cult shrine-maiden renewing worship of former high queen Sigrun Shieldbreaker.

I saw the Instinct was poor from the start, so that gets revision; the Belief needs to reflect the touch of Sigrun Shieldbreaker, so it gets revision.

This is the dry description of the process:

  • 16 points open 4pt Alchemist, 4pt Healer, 4pt Theologian, 4x Commander
  • 6 points raise 3pt Steward 1x, 3pt Hunter 1x
  • Taking level benefits: Abstemious, Stubborn, Plucky
  • Reduce Nature 1x to buy Touched by the Gods 1x

Level: 4

Stock: Huldufolk

Class: Burglar

Descriptors: Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking

Abilities: Nature 3, Will 5, Health 3, Circles 4, Resources 0

Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 3, Fighter 3, Hunter 3, Scout 2, Scavenger 2, Steward 3, Manipulator 3, Alchemist 2, Healer 2, Theologian 2, Commander 2

Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, Sakki Downs-wise

Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Opportunistic 1, Stoic 1, Touched by the Gods 1

Level Benefits: Abstemious, Stubborn, Plucky

Fylgja: Gull (gains Opportunistic)

Hometown: Rimholm (gains Steward and Jaded) [a bustling metropolis]

Social Graces: Manipulator

Specialty: Manipulator (or Hunter depending on choices of others)

Nature Responses: fast through breakfasts (swap Jaded for Stoic), stand and fight (nil), rather be at home (+1 Nature)

Circles Responses: has no friend, has parents (huldufolk mystics), has a mentor (halfling burglar), has an enemy (huldufolk in-laws)

Inventory: Wineskin, Tinker’s Kit, Cloak, Satchel, Rations, Candles, Small Sacks

Weapon: Staff

Armor: Leather

Belief: The High Queen of the Bjornings fails to honor her heritage; I must rally the Bjornings to cleanse the ghost-fences and roving trolls from the Sakki Downs.

Instinct: Always look for opportunities to gather companions.

Looking toward the next layer of growth, Romi will continue to broaden her role as a burgeoning shrine-maiden. And, I want to entrench a bit of the pattern shown above, so she’ll meet powerful figures, get more courageous, and start to gather a force of Bjornings to renew worship of Sigrun.

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