Ing Roan Gamwich - the bloodletter (level 9)

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Ing Roan Gamwich

Rising to level 9 is quite a leap, and there are many additions for Ingr that lead to a transformation. I imagine him roving other routes of the realm, such as the Blodveien. His vagrant life continues for many more adventures, but he gains a companion and learns what it takes to keep a wife happy and loving. He gains a number of skills at least enough to help adventuring allies: Cartographer, Commander, Healer, Mentor, Peasant, and Rider. There are four skills gained as possible money-earning ventures: Cartographer, Healer, Peasant, and Rider might all kindle services or allow for products to sell. Gaining Commander and Mentor allows him a more credible status in the Doalrode caravans and better roles as a hired guard or escort. However, over these levels, he places emphasis on improving the existing skills of Cook, Criminal, Fighter, Hunter, Scavenger, and Scout which already serve the adventuring party generously.

Taking level benefits of Companion, Pockets, It Could Be Worse, Supreme Confidence, and Transformed (riddling becomes escaping) requires a bit of description. Of course, I am introducing his romantic companion by way of a level benefit, so he is bound not only to rare moments together during a town phase but to all the adventuring and camp phase events as well; it is intentional in that sense. Pockets, as a benefit, seems an almost too good level benefit; I would not pass it up. It Could Be Worse appears to be quite a rare scenario but worthwhile to capture the MVP when the adventuring party is suffering dire circumstances. Supreme Confidence also seems it might be rare but worthwhile when available; I preferred it for Ingr. As he reaches level 9, he finally has the skills, earnings, and/or loot to escape from the adventuring life with his companion; he’s transformed. I didn’t feel Ingr needed riddling as a concept, so he loses that descriptor to gain escaping. This ensures a greater chance that he can live through any remaining adventures before retirement and comfort.

Losing some of his halfling Nature gives two new wises: Pain of Love and Needs of a Wife. These are distinctly abstract and eccentric. I’m not certain these mean something sufficiently concrete to use as a Wise in the game. I think something more closely tied to the Middarmark setting would be a good choice, but this is what I invented to fit Ingr’s concept.

I felt a need to revise the Belief and Instinct.

This is the dry description of the process:

  • 24 points to open 4pt Cartographer, 4pt Commander, 4pt Healer, 4pt Mentor, 4pt Peasant, 4pt Rider
  • 45 points to raise 5pt Cook 1x, 9pt Criminal 1x, 7pt Fighter 1x, 8pt Hunter 2x, 3pt Peasant 1x, 3pt Rider 1x, 5pt Scavenger 1x, 5pt Scout 1x
  • Take level benefits: Companion, Pockets, It Could Be Worse, Supreme Confidence, Transformed (riddling to escaping)
  • Reduce Nature 2x to buy Pain of Love-wise, Needs of a Wife-wise

Level: 9

Stock: Huldufolk (Halfling)

Class: Burglar

Descriptors: Sneaking, Escaping, Merrymaking

Abilities: Nature 2, Will 5, Health 3, Circles 4, Resources 0

Skills: Cook 4, Criminal 6, Fighter 5, Hunter 4, Scout 4, Scavenger 4, Haggler 4, Cartographer 2, Commander 2, Healer 2, Mentor 2, Peasant 3, Rider 3

Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, The Doalrode-wise, Pain of Love-wise, Needs of a Wife-wise

Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Secretive 1, Cunning 1, Heart of Battle 1

Level Benefits: Abstemious, Skirmisher, Oft Overlooked, Companion, Pockets, It Could Be Worse, Supreme Confidence, Transformed (riddling becomes escaping)

Fylgja: Raven (gains Secretive)

Hometown: Veihus (gains Haggler and Cunning) [a busy crossroads]

Social Graces: Haggler

Specialty: Criminal (or Haggler depending on choices of others)

Nature Responses: eat second breakfast (+1 Nature), stand and fight (nil), rather be at home (+1 Nature)

Circles Responses: has a friend (human warrior), has parents (pilgrims on the Doalrode), has a mentor (halfling burglar), has no enemy

Inventory: Waterskin, Tinker’s Kit, Backpack, Torches, Rations, Candles, Satchel [empty], Cloak

Weapon: Dagger

Armor: Leather

Belief: This good wife deserves better than vagrant living and drunken camps; I must escape this life for her sake.

Instinct: Keep all my plans safe from deep ears and loudmouths.

With that build, I feel Ingr has discovered his destiny, and he has only to secure an exit from the adventuring life for himself and his good wife. It is a fascinating build and relies heavily on a solid campaign plan focused on low- and mid-grade threats with some hearty slice-of-life journeying. I would truly want a campaign trekking the connected roads of Middarmark dealing with a monster-of-the-week format in a troupe of strange characters in a caravan of Doalrode travelers. It could work very well as a format for playing Ingr’s concept to fruition.

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