Monochrome Colour Corrected Doors & Windows

- 12 windows & 12 doors
- EA Meshes, therefore unaffected by the September update
- 3 swatches each. Brighter whites, darker blacks and a grey. I’ve also removed the blue tone to the glass and fixed the opacity. 
- Mixture of EPs required. Please check the file titles and don’t download the merged files unless you have all required EPs!

Please note: The purpose of this is purely to colour correct EA’s fugly monochrome swatches. Please don’t ask for more swatches! 

Known issue(s): Occasionally some of them revert to the original EA swatch when you zoom out really far. I have no idea why and I can’t work out how to stop. It seems random, as in it happens to different objects at different times. Weird af.

Please respect my TOU:
- Re-uploading my recolours is not permitted.
- Including them in lots and converting to TS3 is permitted, but NOT behind a paywall of any kind. I’ve noticed this a few times recently. You know who you are.
- Please pay credit where credit is due.
- Most importantly, enjoy and tag me if you use them - I’d love to see!!


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