Monster Girl Farmer changelog

# 0.20.03

Bug Fixes:

- The archive generator was wrapping its post in double quotes. This is been fixed.

- The archive generator couldn't patch a major release if it is the most recent major release.

- The changelog generator and archive generator were escaping quotes in the post.

# 0.20.02


- Usually, the "Character" category is the most important aspect of the latest release. That's why I decided to put this category above features in future release notes.

- I'm trying to automate my release process so I don't spend any time thinking about the steps involved. That's why I created this archive generation tool that writes the post for me. Here's a link to that post: This made life a little easier, but not by much. I still had to copy the file and paste into my site. Now, even that part is automated!

- I'm trying to automate my release process so I don't spend any time thinking about the steps involved. That's why I created this changelog generation tool that writes the post for me. Here's a link to that post: This made life a little easier, but not by much. I still had to copy the file and paste it into my site. Now, even that part is automated!

# 0.20.01

Bug Fixes:

- After the scene with Amy and Eva, the "continue" button doesn't work.

# 0.20.00


- This may only interest me, but I found a way to parse the twine language in a way that allows me to find lots of bugs in milliseconds. This will make my development time shorter when building new features and content.

- Look through all passages to discover issues

- I built a state machine to allow complex, open world quests. This is a huge deal, unfortunately, I didn't have any time this release to use the new system. I hope to do so shortly, because I think the game is going to be a lot better when I do! Imagine the game having skyrim-ish quests in addition to the encounter system. 'Uge.

- This may only interest me, but I reorganized a lot of content into different folders and files. It should speed me up a bit because it was becoming difficult to find things.


- The main appeal of this release is a scene between you and Amy and Eva. It's so freaking epic, it cost me to release 4 days later than I'd like (I shoot for releasing on the 10th of every month). The scene has got it all: wholesome interactions, gambling, and some kinky lewd content. Hope you like butt stuff. Eva joins in! Being able to lewd her is literally the most requested scene in the game. Full disclosure: the lewd scene is complete for one path, but there are at least two others I plan on doing a later (ideally, immediately).

- Last release, I wrote a large scene between Amy and Sophie, but I didn't have enough time to include any interactions if Eva was following you. Now, Eva content has been added to the scene.

Bug Fixes:

- Last release I wrote a scene where Amy and Sophie meet. The end of it has you outside, but when you clicked on that button in the scene, it took you to the stable. This has been fixed.

# 0.19.04


- Run changelog and archive generator on release

- You may have noticed I've made a few patch releases (e.g., the x of v0.19.0x). Every time I make one, I have to remember to save the zip and webpage and uploaded to the archival page. This became a pain in the butt, so I decided to automated. Unfortunately, it's not straightforward to automate the editing of posts on this site. Rather than figure it out, I've decided to host archive links on my website instead. That makes it a lot easier to automate.

# 0.19.03

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a syntax error in a random passage.

# 0.19.02


- Improve error reporting messages

# 0.19.01


- Changelog Generator Improvements: I improved a tool that generates changelogs. This only affects me. A header and footer are now optional.

- Error monitoring: Sometimes after release, I end up holding my breath, praying that everything works. I've set up a way to aggregate error messages people receive while playing the game so I don't have to wait for somebody to tell me that it's broken. This'll allow me to fix problems even faster!

# 0.19.00


- The harvest buttons inform you of how many seeds you have left. They only used to tell you the energy cost.

- I made a tool that automates the generation of changelogs like these. Actually, this feature took up most of my time this month. I have this long-term vision of being able to release the game anytime I want, maybe even daily. I don't know if it's a good idea, to do that, but I think it's important to have the ability, because it means the game code quality is very high.

- I set up another automated script that emails new pledges with important information like the access codes. I hope this clears up some confusion. Sometimes people aren't able to find them after they pledge.


- I wrote the most wholesome scene in the game yet. It involves Sophie the centaur girl and Amy the ant girl. The only other thing I want to reveal is how to unlock it: Level up Olivia the harpy once, then visit Sophie. Enjoy! (I'm really proud of this one.)

- There were a couple of very minor things I had to retcon for the scene where Sophie the centaur traps Olivia the harpy. The latest scene might confuse you just a tiny tiny bit if you don't revisit the Olivia one, but it's no big deal.

Random Scenes:

- 16 new random scenes have been written and added to the game. All of them are contributions from Skulldust.

# 0.18.01

Bug Fixes:

- Before you unlock the field, if you buy dog food then sell it, you will be stuck because there is no way to earn money to buy dog food again.

# 0.18.00


- Added a logo as a game splash page. Check it out, Eva is the star!

- Added a new picture of Sophie the Centaur.

- When you unlock the ability to use your field (see more below), you also unlock a short scene with Eva.


- There are now three different types of items in the game: Key, Seed, and Commodity. Key items are unique and necessary for progressing in the story. Seed items can be planted in your field, where they grow into crops. Commodity items can be bought and sold. They can be used in certain quests.

- Your inventory can be filtered by item type.

- It is possible for a seed to be "unlimited." This means you can plant it as many times as you want and you'll never run out.

- The field tutorial unlocks unlimited carrot seeds.

- Certain seeds cost more energy than others to plant and harvest.

- You must have your first encounter before you can use the field.

- You can find seeds when you explore and grow them in your field. This was a big change and it opens up a lot of fun opportunities in the future. I'll discuss one of these ideas at the end. Seeds can't be sold or gifted to monster girls, but the crops they grow can. At the moment, seeds can be discovered by exploring the world.

- There are a lot of webpages hosting old versions of my game. Like over a year old. I've reached out to them to ask them to update, but in the meantime, I have created a white list: if a domain is not in it, there is a pop up warning you that you may not be playing the latest version. It won't pop up if you are playing the downloaded version of the game or on the official site (

- The last version of the game had a survey after the latest transformation scene. This has been removed because it's no longer the latest scene.

- I put most of my important links (chat, support, etc.) behind a link redirection service. That way, if I accidentally delete the access code page (again), I don't have to have an emergency release for every version of my game to point to different URLs: I can just change where the redirect URL goes.

Bug Fixes:

- If you zoomed in really, really close in your browser, the active click area for the encounter log would shift. This wasn't game breaking because the hit box was still on-screen, but it was a poor user experience.

- If you entered an access code on a paginated page, full game buttons weren't re-rendered -- they still appeared to be locked even though they weren't. This is really obscure and probably hasn't happened to anyone: the only way I think you could notice this is if your access code expired and you loaded a game on a paginated page and then entered a working access code.

- If you had cheats on (available to $5+ pledges), it was possible to give yourself multiple key items of the same kind (e.g. multiple dog collars). This is no longer possible as it could lead to undefined behavior.

- In surveys, lots of people told me they thought soil was supposed to be used on the field, but they couldn't figure out how. Actually, before I had an encounter system, soil had a different purpose that no longer exists. But I figured, since people think you should be able to use it on your field, I may as well make it something you can use on your field. It increases the number of crops that grow when you harvest. It'll also remove the bird status effect.

Random Scenes:

- Added 4 random exploration scenes for finding cabbage seeds. One of these can refer to a lewd choice you can make at the beginning of the game.

- Added 2 random exploration scenes for finding blueberry seeds.

- Skulldust returns to write 6 new random exploration scenes to the game. You may remember him as the contributor that wrote the Doe girl scene.

Here's a couple of things I'm planning in the near future, ideally in the next release:

- You should be able to invest money into shops so they can level up and offer unique seeds/commodities you can't find anywhere else.

- There should be a lot more random scenes. I'm thinking of looking for freelance writers.

- You should be able to assign Eva to your field to reduce the energy cost for harvesting crops.

- More artwork!

- I want to write the next scene in the main storyline, unlocking more monster girls, some of which will set up shops in town.

- There should should be many more uses for money.

# 0.17.00


- I wrote part 3 of the Eva transformation scenes. I don't know if this type of transformation has its own term, but it's a mixture of possession and body swap, I guess? You are in Eva's body, but sometimes your thoughts are hers and sometimes they're your own. Also, as Eva, you interact with the main character, but he/she/they act as themselves.

This may be the most difficult scene I've ever written. It took around three weeks of effort, and it was an emotional writing experience. Most people who proofread it loved it, so it seems like the effort was worth it. This scene is only available in the full game.

The following will tell you how to unlock it. SPOILERS: After you give Eva a collar, there's a random chance you'll start this sequence when you sleep. If you play until the end of each scene, the next part will randomly start when you sleep.

- I was told that Eva's first transformation scene was a little too 'vivid' for some, so I created a new path: now you can decide if you want a 'dark dream that goes into heavy detail' or a 'lighthearted, fun dream where nobody gets hurt.' This was the first thing I worked on after the previous release so my memory is hazy, but I believe the original path got some new additions; the new path certainly did. This scene is in the demo, as is the 2nd.


- If you purchased the full game then completed the demo characters' scenes, you would still get a demo survey. This was confusing -- some even thought their access code wasn't working. Hopefully I prevented that confusion in the future.

- I made it possible for certain random scenes to be full-game only.

- At the end of the 3rd transformation scene, you'll be given an optional survey to give me feedback on it. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

- I put game links that may change in the future behind a configurable link shortener.

- My demo is featured in the itch "Steamy Summer Hentai Bundle". You should google it because it contains 16 games, and you can choose your own price.

Bug Fixes:

- The doe girl scene had a code typo that suggested you had boobies when you didn't, and vice versa.

- The 2nd Eva transformation scene had a passage where all the text was on one line. I've fixed this and edited some sentences too.

# 0.16.02

Bug Fixes:

- I accidentally deleted the post with all the access codes on it, so when you click on the link to get one, it gives you a 404. You should definitely play with this version. So how's your day going?

# 0.16.01

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a major bug where if you went through all the choices that you could on the first Eva transition scene, you couldn't see the second scene.

# 0.16.00


- Wrote a scene where you can transform into Eva. This scene is in two parts. In the first, you transform into her. In the second, you... have fun with your new body. The following will tell you how to unlock it. SPOILERS: After you give Eva a collar, there's a random chance you'll get this dream sequence when you sleep. If you play until the end, part two will randomly start when you sleep.

- I've improved Fern's scene by referring to your earlier choices at the end of the scene, and adding some distinct details if you have both sets of genitals.


- The game is now live on The previous URL still works, but it will no longer be updated with new releases. Remember to transfer your old saves to the new website! If you go to the old one, it'll give you a warning that explains how.

- I have picked a new name for myself, Bawdy Ink Slinger.

- Some people told me they didn't know how to find their access code after they signed up. I've attempted to make this easier to find: The top of the Patreon about page description links to the access codes. The $5 Patreon tier description links to the access codes. When you sign up to become a pledge, you'll now receive a message with a link to your access code.

- The play/download links are now at the very top of the Patreon about page.

- Wrote a tutorial for how to export and import saves.

- The game tells you if you entered an old access code and offers a link to play the old version.

Random Scenes:

- If you explore the forest WITHOUT Eva, you may run into a Doe girl. This was written by a guest author, Skulldust, and can lead to a lewd scene.

Bug Fixes:

- The "Popup blocker pro" browser extension incorrectly blocks some of the libraries from loading (they've had a ticket to fix this problem that's been open for years). If you are using this extension, I figured out a way to give you an informative error message.

# 0.15.02

Bug Fixes:

- I accidentally deleted the post with all the access codes on it, so when you click on the link to get one, it gives you a 404. You should definitely play with this version. So how's your day going?

# 0.15.01


- Wrote a tutorial for how to export and import saves

- Give a warning if you are visiting the old Monster Girl Farmer site

# 0.15.00


- I rewrote the intro to Fern's lewd scene and nearly doubled its lewd content. Fans of my previous game should appreciate it; this is now the kinkiest scene in the game. I've turned her into a contortionist. Before the scene was pure voyeurism. Now you can join in on the fun! Of course, the voyeurism route is still there.


- The major feature of this release is splitting the game into a free demo and a paid for full version. This took a lot of work because I had some technically complex requirements I needed to fulfill. In the end, I decided the best way to go was to have the demo and the full game be the same executable, but you need an access code to unlock the full game:

This means your saves are backwards compatible, unlocking the game is a seamless experience (you don't have to download a new game), and it's easy for me to develop both versions and parallel. What I am saying with that last point is, both the demo and the full version are a work in progress and both will continue to improve.

- I have color-coded the map buttons with a new philosophy: colors should represent the action of the button. That is, areas within the map are always orange. Your current location is always read. Buttons that will take you to a different map are always green. And locked areas are always gray. I think this really improves the user experience. If you found the map confusing before, I'd like to know what you think now.

- To further improve map usability, I added relevant icons to the words wherever possible.

- This was a common request on the surveys: now if you try to go to town and you have Eva with you, right then and there you can decide whether to turn around or to leave her behind.

# 0.14.01

Bug Fixes:

- Some items that were supposed to give a lot of affection points gave zero.

# 0.14.00


- Monster girls react with *relevant* responses when you use care activities, items, run away, fail to run, win a battle, lose a battle, and win with a cheat (available to $5 pledges and up). Before, their actions were random and unrelated to yours.

- Every monster girl has a "Replay Scenes" button on their welcome page!

- Every monster girl has a "Bestiary" button on their welcome page! It explains their breed's background information and lore.

- The battle system has been simplified: your actions cost energy; their affection changes in response. This means you'll always know how much energy you'll lose from an action.

- Running from battle costs energy.

- Your energy is refilled before your first battle. This prevents an unwinnable situation being your first impression.

- Your actions and the monster girls' reactions have been merged into one log message. This way, they don't have to start with, "You use X on Y."

- Discovering Olivia required a lot of luck and/or knowledge that wasn't explained in-game. Now, you'll automatically find her when you meet the requirements mentioned in the v0.12.00 change log.

- You are guaranteed to discover the contents of a landmark after eight failed attempts. Before, with bad luck, this could've gone on for a very long time.

- Monster girls *always* respond to your actions. This didn't always happen in the previous release. Sometimes it would say, "[Monster Girl Name] doesn't do anything." That doesn't make sense anymore: e.g., if you take a monster girl on a walk, the walk itself is doing something.

- When the increase affection button is disabled, it tells you why: you don't have enough energy.

- The screen shakes when you lose energy in battle.

- Some people thought the first survey was the end of content and stopped playing. I've changed the survey's title to clarify that there is more content ahead.

- In shops, an additional back button was added to the top of the page.


- Each care activity costs five more energy points.

- Reduced affection point gains for some care activities.

Random Scenes:

- There's a buttload of new content in the form of monster girl reactions. I'm especially proud of Olivia's.

# 0.13.02

Bug Fixes:

- If you saw Fern's third scene before meeting Hanako, you would sometimes get errors while battling Fern. This has been fixed.

# 0.13.01

Bug Fixes:

– Performance improvement: Now the game only autosaves after battles and after sleeping. Saving on every transition noticeably slowed down performance

# 0.13.00


- Added a new picture of Eva!


- This release adds a major change: the entire gameplay has been ripped out and replaced with a JRPG-like battle system! This took a ton of effort, and I see a ton of directions I could go to build on top of it. I really want to hear your feedback so I know what to prioritize first. If you're curious about the new gameplay, honestly, I think the best way to learn how it works is to view a picture of the in-game tutorial here:

- I upgraded the game engine so it'll allow you (if possible) to export save files onto your phone as backup. If you have trouble with this feature on your phone, it probably means your phone doesn't give applications access to the file system. That's a known limitation.

- I turned on the autosave feature. Now you won't lose any progress if you accidentally close your tab, hit the back button, etc.

Random Scenes:

- SPOILER: By exploring the forest WITHOUT Eva, you can randomly run into a snake girl. Her scene is over 4k words long. Actually, it's another huge milestone for me because this is the first story in any of my games to have been written by a guest author! Her name is Deos, and she's a wonderful writer. I think you'll love it as much as I do!

# 0.12.03

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some Sophie text that should have been in her color

- If you try to talk to anybody about Olivia while they are busy on an assigned task, it causes an error.

# 0.12.02

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the inventory or journal passage. If you never experienced this, you don't have to worry about it. But if your save is stuck in this condition, click the sidebar back button until you get out of the inventory and/or journal passages, then play from there.

# 0.12.01

Bug Fixes:

- An error would occur when you gave the sculpture items.

# 0.12.00


- SPOILER: Added Olivia the Harpy to the game!

- Added a picture of the Spider Girl to the forest intro!


- SPOILER: When Hanako joins your farm, it unlocks the ability to find Olivia when you sleep.

- You can ask other monster girls about the harpy girl once you discover her

- When Fern's Affection Level 3, you get a second task to collect "Dead Vines."

- There are some items you can't buy until a condition is met

- It is possible for me (your handsome developer) to prevent certain scenes from showing unless some condition is met

- I made a small edit to the forest introduction scene.

- Remove "Name:" label from the journal


- You can purchase a Chicken Coop

- Added "Dead Vines"

- Added "Harpy Egg"


- Added "Chicken Coop"

- Added "Nest #1"

Bug Fixes:

- If you go to the journal or inventory from a sleep scene, the back button returned you to a blank page

- I figured out why you'll sometimes see a message that says "$follower is following you." and prevented it from happening (yes, again again).

# 0.11.01

Bug Fixes:

- I figured out why you'll sometimes see a message that says "$follower is following you." and prevented it from happening (yes, again).

- It was possible to have a task stuck in "In Progress."

# 0.11.00


- Added a new picture of Eva to the introduction!


- There is now a General Store in town.


- You can sell items (!) at the General Store.

- Added a Journal to the game. It's a button on the sidebar that lists all the monster girls you have found, their affection level, their affection points, and more.

- Instead of assigning tasks to monster girls on their Spend AP page, you now do it from your Journal, which can be accessed at any time.

- On your Journal, you're given a rough estimate of when tasks will complete. In the future, I plan to provide an upgrade that lets you know exactly when it will complete.

- The Journal gives you a count of how many monster girls you have, and how many exist in the game. This way you'll know if you're missing any.

- When a task completes, the sidebar flickers once, prompting you to look at your inventory and/or Journal.

- Now when you harvest, you randomly receive Carrots or Cabbage instead of money. You can sell them at the General Store.

- Harvesting costs half the energy it used to.

- The Spend AP page tells you how many purchases you need to make until the monster girl levels.

- Shops can require items as payment.

- Shops can sell upgrades instead of items.

- You can buy a scarecrow at Amy's shop.

- Added a new cheat: at the bottom of the shop page, there are now buttons to add any item that exists in the game to your inventory.

- Created a new type of status effect that can affect your crop yield.

- If you don't have a scarecrow, there's a chance birds will destroy your crops while you sleep. If my calculations are correct (and they often aren't), there's a 1/8th chance of this happening every time you sleep.

- I halved the duration and AP cost of tasks.

- You can now skip the intro and get right into the gameplay.

- I've edited Eva's scenes up to and including the scene where you enter the forest for the first time. These edits are minor, but they should improve the experience.

- Soil, Flowers, and Chocolate Candy Bar are now purchased in the General Store instead of the Pet Shop.

Bug Fixes:

- I figured out why you'll sometimes see a message that says "$follower is following you." and prevented it from happening.

# 0.10.02

Bug Fixes:

- You could spend affection points you don't have to start a task

# 0.10.01

Bug Fixes:

- The welcome text is hidden when a monster girl is performing a task. Since she's busy, she can't say hello.

# 0.10.00


- I've changed the way you earn monster girl items. The way it used to work is, you'd spend a fixed amount of affection points to get one item. Now, you assign Monster Girls a task and when they complete them, you get items. I'd like to hear what you think about this new feature. If it feels like a step in the wrong direction, it will be easy to revert.

- You complete tasks by using energy elsewhere, so I've created a cheat for five dollar pledges: you can drain all your energy in the Bedroom. This will speed up tasks.

- Cheats require less button clicks. E.g., one click gives you more than enough money/affection points/energy.

- The current and maximum affection level of each monster girl is now shown.

- I've multiplied all affection points by 1000. This was for the path I was going to go down with tasks, but I decided to go in a different direction. I'm leaving it this way because bigger is always better, right?

Bug Fixes:

- If you had a status effect that reduced care activity cost, you still weren't able to perform care activities if your energy was below the standard care activity cost.

- SPOILER: Enoki only gave you extra affection points the second time you gave her decayed wood. Now it happens the first time.

Special Thanks:

- Thank you Coomer Bear. They worked really hard at pointing out typos that needed fixing.

# 0.09.02

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a typo

# 0.09.01

Bug Fixes:

- I'm not hundred percent sure if I fixed this bug, but sometimes you would see "$follower is following you" in the header. I see a possibility of how this could have happened, and IF that's how it happened, I fixed the bug. If that's not how it happened, at least I ruled out a possibility so it should be easier to track down in the future. Also, if your save was in this state, I fixed the problem for it.

# 0.09.00


- Added Sophie the Centaur to the game. Well, she was already in the game, but now you can get her to join your farm.


- Care activities DO NOT take you to a separate page anymore. This reduces care activity clicks. Half the clicks!

- The energy bars bars animate. They'll shrink and grow when you lose/gain energy, respectively.

- The map is now at the top of the screen instead of the bottom. This is so it doesn't shift around based on the contents of the page.


- Added a new map: Barn. In a future version, you will have to buy this from Amy's shop.

- Added Stable #1 to the Barn. In a future version, you will have to buy this from Amy's shop.

SPOILER: To discover Sophie, you must:

- Have Amy to affection level 2 or higher

- Perform care activities on anyone in the forest until Sophie appears in a random location (Look for a "!" on the map)

# 0.08.00


- Added Enoki's picture to the game. It's beautiful.

Random Scenes:

- Just in time for Halloween, I've created a spooky well scene. It has a secret to it. Good luck finding it. (This secret is sexual, but barely. It's mostly atmospheric)

- The pink orchard now has its own exploration scenes. It didn't really make sense to find a pond or any green plants there.


- The author of the scene you are reading is now displayed. So far, I'm the only author for the game, but now I feel comfortable asking for community contributions. Interested in adding something to the game? Let me know.

- Now you can leave me feedback at any point by clicking on a button on the sidebar. The end of game/character surveys still exist.

# 0.07.02

Bug Fixes:

- If you had a status effect, clicking on a Spend AP button would give you an error pop up.

# 0.07.01

Bug Fixes:

- Removed some repetition in prose

# 0.07.00


- Link to the change log in the game

- Turn energy blocks into an energy bar

- Multiply all energy values by two. This allows finer grained status effects (e.g., now I can reduce care activity cost by 1/10th increments. Before I could only reduce it by 1/5).

- It is now possible to have status effects in the game


- SPOILER: Fern gives a tip for the new random scene

Random Scenes:

- Added a new, elaborate scene to the game. You run into a stone angel, twice your size. This is more of a quest, really. I think it would be really fun if there were a lot more quest like this.

# 0.06.05

Bug Fixes:

- A part of Amy's scene was using the wrong pronouns

# 0.06.04

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some typos

# 0.06.03


- Some Google Chrome extensions prevented the game from working correctly. The game now tells you when this is happening instead of giving a vague, unrelated error.

# 0.06.02


- Added a discord button on the side panel

# 0.06.01

Bug Fixes:

- Clicking the inventory button twice left you stuck on the inventory page

# 0.06.00


- Added Amy (Ant Girl)


- On the map, note which landmarks still need to be explored with a ?

Random Scenes:

- Added some random scenes when you explore the forest


- Added Amy's Carpentry Shoppe

- Added A Cheerless Grove

# 0.05.02


- Players get a survey after completing the newest character

# 0.05.01

Bug Fixes:

- Make previous saves backwards compatible

# 0.05.00


- Added Hanako (Cherry Tree Girl)


- Instead of triggering the scenes automatically, they unlock in the Spend AP passage

- You can only get wood/mushrooms from enoki/fern once, no matter how many times you play their scenes

- Created a map for each area, reducing clicks the travel


- Added Mushroom

# 0.04.02


- Add code for backwards compatibility between saves

# 0.04.00


- Added Fern (Dryad)


- Long passages are automatically paginated


- Added Wood

- Added Decayed Wood

# 0.03.02


- Added Enoki (Mushroom Girl)

- Added Eva (Dog Girl)


- Added cheats that give you unlimited energy and affection points


- Added Cellar

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