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Murder Cellar [22x33]

The large and popular R'drum Inn have been a popular resting place for a quite a while. While placed safe within the city walls, there have been a lot of rumored disappearances in the area lately. Your group have arrived to get some rest for the night, and decide to investigate in the morning. But the next day one person from the party is missing, completely gone, no trace. What happened?!

Little do the travellers know about the horrendous activities going on in the damp cellar. It looks like a regular cellar on first inspection. But it hides dark secrets; Holding cells, torture equipment, experimental labs and a crematorium to mention a few of them... Will your party manage to discover its secrets before it's too late? And will they find the mastermind behind this setup? Who is paying money to obtain human lab-rats? And is all this ash the source for the new potent fertilizer being sold around town?


This is a [22x33]-grid building map in a damp and muddy cellar. It holds a fake secret room and a "normal" corridor filled with fake doors (or rooms if you choose to generate some using the editor). It's meant to be a bit suspicious so the party eventually find the thick and reinforced door leading up to the real secret cellar and the hidden business going on in there. 

This setup is loosely based on stories from H. H. Holmes' Murder Hotel, of which he obtained a hotel and allegedly refurbished it into a murder machine. A tier 3 patron suggestion from Ned which have written more thoughts about this setup on the Discord Server

This cellar can be used without an accompanying inn as well, there's versions without props so you can use some of my previously made props to fill it in yourself. And even with "no lights" so it's easier to use dynamic lights on some of the more popular VTT's out there. 

Some special versions are available as well, like a spider invasion, cultists' rituals and one I've named "Inner Demons". Where someone released their inner demons after being held captive in the padded cell for too long.

Hope you find something useful! :D

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Hope the map isn't too dark...

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