[PimpMySims4] LGBT Mod V3.0.7.9

[10/24/20] Fixed an LE caused by asking sims their sexuality and an issue where transphobic sims are supportive of transgender sims. Please Redownload!

[10/26/20] Added Russian Translation!

[10/27/20] Added Italian Translation!

[10/29/20] Added French and Chinese Translations!

[12/02/20] Added Portuguese and Spanish Translations!

Hello beautiful people! Have you missed me? I definitely missed you guys! I'm finally back with a little update for you guys!!! This is a relatively small update, I mostly focused on fixing bugs you guys have reported, but I did throw in a few goodies too! I have updated a few interactions to add more in depth gameplay that I hope you will like. 
Now when a gay or lesbian sim is in a hetero relationship and they come out to their partner, there is a chance they will be hurt/upset that they didn't tell them sooner. I also added a new computer interaction, new aspiration, and a new trait! I have a lot more planned for a big update, but I probably won't release that until next month. As always, please give me your feedback; I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly!
The LGBT mod adds many LGBTQ+ gameplay traits to your game which provide new interactions and buffs to create a more in depth experience for your sims. It also adds lot traits, events, and holiday traditions. This mod is a work in progress, and will periodically have updates for bug fixes and to add new features.
When you add any of the LGBT sexuality/gender traits to a sim, they will now automatically also receive an In The Closet trait. If you include the optional homophobia file, this will prevent homophobic/transphobic sims from being uncomfortable around sims that haven't come out yet.
- Ally
- Aromantic 
- Asexual
- Bisexual
- Demisexual  
- Gay
-Gender Fluid  
- Lesbian
- LGBT Activist
- Non Binary 
- Pansexual
- Transgender
- Drag Queen/King 
- Questioning *NEW*

Included in optional file:
 - Homophobic  
- Transphobic

LGBT interactions can be found under the LGBT Mod menu when you click on another sim.  All LGBT sims can use the following interactions:
"Ask About Sexuality/Identity"
"Ask About Pronouns"
"Get Excited About Pride"
"Encourage to Come Out"
"Come out as..."
"Discuss Current LGBT Issues" 
"Ask to Donate to LGBT Charity" 
"Recall Encounter with Homophobic Sim" 
"Encourage to Be Open Minded"
"Research About LGBT Community" (Computer interaction)
"Write An Article About LGBT Rights" (Computer interaction) *NEW*
...and more!

Depending on your relationship with the other sim and/or their traits, these interactions could have different results. Some interactions will give your sim and/or the other sim positive or negative buffs/moodlets! Each trait has exclusive social interactions as well, some may only appear after talking to sims for a certain period of time.

Social Events
LGBT Meetup
This event allows you to invite any (or all) sims with a LGBT trait to hang out. It is a free event and there are no rewards, it is just a great way to meet sims in the community. 
Coming Out Party
This is a goaled event. You can come out to your friends can family in a festive environment. You can earn money as a reward upon completion.  
LGBT Charity Gala
This is a goaled event. Host a gala to help raise money for a LGBT charity. If you get gold on this event you will receive a new gameplay trait, LGBT Activist, which gives you two new interactions: "Talk about Protesting for LGBT Rights" and "Ask to Join Cause" which has a chance of turning other sims into LGBT Activists as well. (Note that city living is required for some of the goals in the event to be completed)
LGBT Protest
This is not a goaled event. You need city living in order for this event to work. You simply invite other sims to a lot and start a protest. (You may have to click on sims and select "ask to join protest" under friendly > political career to get the protest started).
Drag Show
This is a goaled event where you can win money and also the Drag Queen/King trait. The goals are mostly performance based, so it gives you the freedom to run the show how you'd like.

Lot Traits
LGBT Hot Spot
The LGBT hot spot spawns LGBT sims in your world to that lot (as long as you have given sims the LGBT traits). 
Gay Hot Spot
The gay hot spot spawns gay sims in your world to that lot (as long as you have given sims the gay trait). 
Lesbian Hot Spot
The lesbian hot spot spawns lesbian sims in your world to that lot (as long as you have given sims the lesbian trait).

Holiday Traditions
Pride Spirit
This holiday tradition is completed by using LGBT interactions with other sims, so you can make your own pride holiday (I figured this was better than an event because it will come up every year on the calendar). 
LGBT Activist *NEW*
This aspiration is for sims who wish to advocate for LGBT rights around the community. This aspiration does require you to have City Living and Get Famous in order to complete the goals.

Optional Files
The Homophobia file is automatically included in the zip folder. If you do not want any sims to experience homophobia or transphobia please delete the file. These traits were created for story telling purposes only, as some people like their game to reflect reality or wish to defeat homophobia in game.
The LGBT Protest Signs Override file is also optional. This will replace all protest signs with Simlish signs protesting for LGBT rights. If you do not wish to replace them all, delete this file.

Known Issues
Some people have reported an LE when lesbian sims woohoo, I have tried my best to fix this but it keeps coming back. It is not game breaking however, so you can just ignore it for now.

There are a few secret experimental features in this mod that I haven't mentioned above, if you come across them let me know!  Now go have fun and tell me what you would like to see added to this mod in the future!

Installation Instructions (UPDATED, PLEASE RE-READ)
1. Delete all previous versions of this mod. 
2. Download the mod from the link below.
3. Move ZIP folder to your mods folder 
4. Extract files from the Zip folder using a program such as Winrar or Winzip (if you have multiple folders within your mods folder, make sure the .script file is no more than 1 folder deep).
5. You can delete the ZIP folder now if you want. You can also delete the Homophobic trait if you wish.
6. Start your game and in your game settings make sure mods are enabled and that script mods are on. If they are not, check the boxes and then restart your game. 
7. To give/remove sims LGBT traits you simply click on the sim you wish to give a trait. 
8. Under the settings in the LGBT Mod menu you can select what trait(s) to give the sim. You can also remove the traits from a sim this way.
9. Enjoy! 


Russian - Included (Credit - Origamika)

Italian - Included  (Credit - xISYx)

French - Included  (Credit - CandymanGaming)

Chinese - Included  (Credit - ttchubb)

Portuguese - Included  (Credit -NapoleonGio)

Spanish - Included  (Credit - HareShake)

Additional Credits

In Game Icons - AquamarineGem 

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