Extra Lean 36 - Slow Whittling Projects
In this episode of Extra Lean, Jerzy and Rob discuss recent projects like Rob's ComicasterJS and how some side projects have a very slow cadence where they feel like a mellow, patient yet determined whittling, and some trade-offs for different modes of working on side projects. * [ComicasterJS Announcement](http://agz.me/interactive-storyteller/2014/4/28/comicasterjs-source-and-example-comic) * [ComicasterJS on GitHub](http://robstenzinger.github.io/comicasterjs/) * [Thunder Punch Daily 50 – Smartphone Comics](http://www.cvcomics.com/artandstory/?p=1064) * [Brandon Dayton](http://brandondayton.com/) * [Lean Into Art - Patreon](http://www.patreon.com/leanintoart) * [The Warren Report Comic](http://www.abramsandchronicle.co.uk/books/graphic-novels/9781419712319-the-warren-commission-report) * [Two Headed Snake Monster](http://instagram.com/p/nR7Gg8Hacp/) * [Roderick On the Line Ep. 98: "A Mastiff of Spinach"](http://www.merlinmann.com/roderick/ep-98-a-mastiff-of-spinach.html)