43 - Goodbye 2015

One of my goals with November and December of 2015 was to make a bunch of progress on the next book of All the Growing Things. I didn't make it as far as I wanted, but I did get some pretty cool stuff done. Below is the page that took up most of my time:

Above: Texy is getting pulled into "the Green" where he will be forced to confront his fate. I ended up drawing several different versions of this, (three, to be exact.)

I changed some of the green leafy things into tentacles, and then had  to fit them around Texy's arms and legs.

Below: I started adding dark shadows and silhouettes to the monster. Everything was starting to get more and more crowded, so I wanted to find a way to simplify the page a little.

Below: See? Things are getting crazier and crazier.

This is where I was New Year's Eve:

This is where I ended up (as of today)

I was spending so much time on the above pages that I finally forced myself to work on layouts and pencils on other pages. I don't have any screen caps of that yet, and I have to get back onto working on Era of Great Wonders.

I plan to still work on All the Growing Things though: at least one page of layouts a day, even if it's just really sketchy and scrappy. "It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to get done."

Oh, and I'm also going back through and making all the past patreon blog posts public, after chatting with a few of you about that!

Okay, off to work!