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43. Sailboat Story - Home Away From Home | Blackpoint: Part 1
We love Blackpoint so much that we've decided that it's our "home away from home".

The people are wonderful, there is a grocery store, restaurants, laundry facility, and showers. Everything is laid back, and things move a bit more slowly here... even slower than most parts of the Bahamas, if you can believe it.

The anchorage is well protected from every direction except West, and the holding is as good as it gets.

Then, if all that isn't enough, Blackpoint is situated between Staniel Cay and Little Farmers... 2 other settlements that likely have any resources you might need that aren't available in Blackpoint.

Now, this video is divided up into 2 parts. We took a ton of footage while we were there, so be sure to also watch Part 2 when you're finished with this one.

Thanks for watching!!

Ben, Tambi, and Molly

"Sailboat Story"